Saturday, October 27, 2007

stop on the tracks

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Reading the Manual

Reading the Manual, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

A look back

January of '05 - Ive bought 3 cameras since then. But this one has been a trouper, still running strong.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What Im learning

What Im learning, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

My horrorscope today sez:

If you need to enter a new phase of learning to move forward with your career, don't delay; do it now. Learning can be as simple as visiting the local library or sitting in a bookstore going through magazines while sipping lattes. If a more formal level of education is required, remember, it is never too late to learn a new skill.

As the old saying goes: "Wisdom is knowing what it is that you don't know."

midnight cyclist

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Midnight on the Wharves

Midnight on the Wharves, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunflower bud

Sunflower bud, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Today's horrorscope:

Getting a crush, becoming infatuated or falling in love all create a circumstance in which you see very clearly the person you want to become. That's the gift, even if nothing else happens with the relationship.

I can see that already. Like butter clarifying under heat - In recent weeks, I can see more clearly the circumstances I want to see happening - no matter what.

A good thing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Verazzano

The Verazzano, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Money Talk

mcclint: i still dont know how you do it in SF though
JPennant: I only need about 600 bux a month
mcclint: do you cook for yourself or is it a lot of ramen and restaurants?
JPennant: eat out. I have no kitchen and my fridge doesnt work
mcclint: damn
JPennant: yup
mcclint: and you can do that and pay rent with 600/mo?
mcclint: shit
JPennant: Ive learned how to live light over the years
JPennant: shopping is not part of my routine
JPennant: and my restaurant tab rarely exceeds 10 bux, even with tip.
JPennant: for 10 bux, Im at the all you can eat buffet :-)
mcclint: heheheh
mcclint: 2 meals a day x $10x30days
JPennant: no, 1 meal a day at an average of 6 bux
mcclint: ah ok
JPennant: I spend far more when Im working
mcclint: i'm usually a 2 meal guy but i can get by on 1
JPennant: its all about my sugar level
JPennant: so, a coffee and a roll dampens my appetite
JPennant: and the dinner keeps me going through to the next day usually
JPennant: I also try not to keep cash on me
JPennant: and use my debit card as much as I can
JPennant: even for 3 dollar purchases
mcclint: you havent had any problems with using the debit card all the time?
JPennant: nah, just with places that dont accept it
mcclint: after Deb's mishap, she's terrified to use her debit card ANYWHERE now
JPennant: there's always that danger
JPennant: but I keep an eye on my account, Visa and and my bank are VERY good and proactive with tracking fraud
mcclint: that's why i try to be primarily a cash man
mcclint: cash is accepted everywhere except car rentals and the Apple store
JPennant: well, with cash I find it goes like water with me
JPennant: with cash, I dont keep track of every penny
JPennant: with the debit card, i think before I swipe
mcclint: hehe

JPennant: Actually, Im thinking that its time to change my minimal lifestyle
JPennant: get a proper place
mcclint: yeah if you're gonna be courting a lady, that might be a good idea :-)
JPennant: yup
JPennant: Plus Im 43 with definite ambitions
mcclint: there you go
JPennant: but that doesnt mean Im gonna go spending a whole bunch of money :-)
mcclint: of course
JPennant: I wanna be like Daniel Handler :-)
mcclint: hoo?
JPennant: the real name of Lemony Snicket
JPennant: he wrote a chapter in that book Im reading "Money Changes Everything"
JPennant: he is very rich now
JPennant: wasnt always so
JPennant: (I got the book for free, natch ;-)
mcclint: ah
JPennant: i want security, but never lose my awareness about money
JPennant: that was hard earned :-)
JPennant: by the way, my rent is $*** a month - I said I can survive on 600 a month
mcclint: golly
JPennant: even with eating out
mcclint: i know your secret!
mcclint: you have a Sugardaddy!
mcclint: :-)
JPennant: bus pass :-)
JPennant: my secret is - I dont have a car
JPennant: or a girlfriend
mcclint: hahah that too

Pickup game

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Family, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

For the only children out there, know that being one of many isnt all it's cracked up to be.

Sometimes, if they werent blood you wouldnt want to know them. But because theyre blood, youre still joined even if you dont want to be.

As adults, we havent been all together except twice - once for a thanksgiving that my ma made sure happened and for ma's funeral. Literally twice in 20 years.

However, as they say - a funeral pulls family together, and any rancor was largely forgotten, and our true feelings were expressed.

"Love you."

Just because we may not always like each other doesnt mean we dont love each other, strongly.

That's family for you.


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Death Ground

Today's horrorscope:

Your total commitment makes success happen. Give yourself to a person or project with great conviction. When there is no room for doubt, there is no room for failure.

Commitment. Death Ground.

When you survive if you fight quickly and perish if you do not, this is called death ground... Warriors exert their full strength When warriors are in great danger, then they have no fear. When there is nowhere to go, they are firm, when they are deeply involved, they stick to it,. If they have no choice, they will fight.

~ by Sun Tsu, Art of War

The Death Ground is not such a bad place to be if you want to move forward.

Bullet wheels

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"The best? The BEST?!!"

"The best? The BEST?!!", originally uploaded by Itinerant.

From the Spike Lee movie "She's Gotta have It":

Jamie: "Larry Bird is the best player in basketball."
Mars Blackmon: "The best? The BEST?!!"
Jamie: "Yeah, the best."
Mars: "THE BEST?!!!"
Jamie: "He is the best player in basketball."
Mars: "He's UGLIEST motherfucker in basketball!"

Heheh, that's still my favorite Spike Lee movie. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


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Night work

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Wall of names

Wall of names, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Nike Women's Marathon participant's list @ San Francisco NikeTown.

Because of my blood type - I used to regularly give plasma for patients with leukemia.

Not a fun process (the blood is taken from one arm, stripped of the plasma, and the cooler blood liquid is returned through the other arm), but I was glad to hear when it made a difference, specially the kids with leukemia.

Money changes everything

I no longer read a book straight through anymore, hence I have several that I read in bytes, a chapter, a section there - put down with the expectation of getting to them later. Several I've started back in 2006.

In any case, in the writer's anthology Money Changes Everything, I came across a bit by the writer Lydia Millet in her chapter "Dirty Work":

... I was unemployed and desperate again, late in my contribution to the rent and living off ramen.

For the first time I saw how desperation can erode a personality, how the elements of a whole I'd always thought was solid and fixed - my moods, my mannerisms, my whimsies and choices, in short the parts that constituted me - were nothing but a luxury of ease.

That is so true. Poverty is a great way to determine your core values, but money does change the way you look at and approach life.

Although Im not scared of poverty, and no longer care what anyone thinks of me when I have none - I am determined to make sure fear and desperation plays as minimal a role in my decisions and direction. However, I do have the immeasurable luxury of only having to worry about me.

That may change, and I have to be prepared when it does.

Buns buns buns!

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Timely advice

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