Saturday, December 21, 2002

Is that my Spidey sense buzzing?

Changes are afoot. I just know it.

When I get that feeling, I try to minimize it - but invariably, things change in bigger ways than I imagine.

Heh. Peter Parker regarded his spidey sense as both a boon and a blighted curse he could oft do without...

Should I duck or celebrate?

Friday, December 20, 2002


".. obstacles make you clever."

- Ho Chi Minh

People are a bit puzzled as to my situation, and how that relates to maintaining this site etc..

Right now Im on the Oakland side of the bay, staying with a friend.

The competiton for work in the Bay Area is fierce, so Im only able to make any cash on a sporadic basis..

I dont have a computer - so I blog when I can.

Im still out and about shooting daily when Im not doing the Things Necessary for Survival.

Have patience. :-)

I gotta.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Visit of the Fire Dragon(ess)

On the Market Street F trolley, the WoodDragon nudged the FireDragon:

"Im glad you came."
"What.. did you think I WOULDNT come?"

Heh. I'll often tease her just to piss her off, to see the famous Kate temper, but not this time.

I meant it.
"Im glad you came hon."

I was appreciative because she couldve gone to a tropical resort with her guy, seen her family, chilled with co-workers.. but Kate made sure she made some time during her busy days while in SF to hang out with me.

I was first on the list. (And no Dragon cares to be number 3 or 4....)

For a few days, I got relief from the stranger in a strange land warp. A member of my tribe came.

You betcha I was glad for her company.

"You guys really tease each other ..", said our companion at dinner @ The Stinking Rose

We looked at each other, with the look and understanding of

"We've EARNED the right to talk to this @&^$@% any way we feel like."

Heh. We phrased it a bit differently.
She was determined to show me the coffee-shop she worked at when she lived in San Francisco, me puffing to keep up the hills.

"It should be right heerrree.. . Hm. Oh."

We came to it, and saw.. it was shuttered.

Things change.

She was hoping to see some of the folk she had known and worked with...

Its been a long time.

All I could do was take a picture of what was left.

Thats how Kate broke the ice with me when we first got to know each other in 1997.

She brought me the best cup of coffee I ever tasted.

To this day she doesnt believe me when I call it that. :-)

Speaking of coffee, she was telling our dinner companion

"So, in all the years Ive known Joe - he is ALL about coffee. Joe is MISTER Coffee.
So last night, after we came back from the Castro district, he had his usual Venti Mocha, with all the sugar and creme and whatnot.. and I had my usual plain Capuccino.
I didnt finish mine, so I gave it to him to finish for me, and when he tasted it, he goes:

'DAMN. This crap tastes like COFFEE!!!'."

Heheh. That gets funnier every time I think about it.
She keeps surprising me with tidbits about herself....

"I didnt want to get used to simply taking the cable car when I needed to exercise and walk up the hills."

In all the time she lived in SF, a block from Powell.. she never once took a cable car.



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