Saturday, November 10, 2001

Part of the Master Plan was to wait until I had the Time and the Money to go back to school.

I have the time, and the motivation. Heh. Two outta three, gotta gimp for the third.

So. Im perusing the FIT catalog for spring classes.

That is all.


Jur-zee kidd.

He gave me permission, while in traffic. Nice guy.

Im feelin him.

Moon over Brooklyn, from the Bay.

Escovitch fish. Fried. Brooklyn.

Why its a traditional caribbean delicacy is beyond me.

Not ALL the librarians are witches.. :-)


Friday, November 09, 2001

JPennant: Awhile ago, cyn and I were talking about the 'California niceness'
JPennant: I told her that for a lot of people, the overt niceness often masks some self-righteously passive-aggressive behavior.

(We will call that a stereotype)

JPennant: So, I tend to be wary when I encounter it.
yamB: as opposed to what, the "NY rudeness"? hahaha
JPennant: Heh. Rude? nah...
JPennant: direct
JPennant: no bullshit

(That would be another stereotype Im indulging in..)

JPennant: Somethin to be said for that :-)
yamB: that's tru
yamB: as long as you can take it.. i know a lot who can't
JPennant: Well, most cali folk who come here, flee here after about a year or so. :-D
JPennant: I think they need.. space...
yamB: but i don't know if it's because of just that or many factors, including
yamB: yeah, that's one
yamB: the weather, the individuality (driving alone in their little tin cocoons), and the food
JPennant: the food???
JPennant: wassamattah wit our food???
yamB: well, maybe that's just me...
JPennant: apart from not being able to find Hawaiian out here...
JPennant: and the joy of Sino-Caribbean takeout :-)
yamB: not as much alfalfa sprouts, salad bars and non-meat soy products
yamB: hahaha
JPennant: Oh that chit is here in abundance. Just put in its right place. If youre gonna go out.. live well. :-)
yamB: heh, lately i've been livin' "too" well... gotta start working off the fat.... have you seen some of the stuff i've been eating lately?... eesh
JPennant: got me droolin.. :-)

Speakin of food:

Marn, bless her canuckian heart, is making me drool for that Aussie staple..

Meat pies.

Ah, they sell it here too, but apparently its a religion in Australia.

Beer and Meat Pies. MMMMM.

Nah, nothing will replace Jamaican patties in my Pantheon of Delights....

Patty an' Cocoa bread.. mmmm.

Its getting cool as autumn progresses...

Not cool in that "Id better bring along a jacket, cuz the fog might roll in, block out the sun and have my teefus chattering" San Francisco way.
Nah, cool as in.. "Id BETTER have a good jacket on cuz my heart might stop when I walk out" taste of winter cold.

It might only be in the mid-forties, but there is a difference between 40 degrees in the spring and 40 degrees in autumn. Same temperature, different touch.

Spring caresses, autumn bites.

Lovely weather anyway.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

As I deal with the realities, Im continuing reading for experience and enjoyment...

While I do (Experience: Design Literacy (continued) , Enjoyment: Sandman - Book 1 Preludes and Nocturnes), here are some randoms...

9:15 pm
Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Avenue Subway Station, Brooklyn

Bayonne Bridge over the Kill Van Kull
Bayonne, NJ
(Looking into Staten Island, NY)

"Kill" in this case, is dutch for "stream".

The Kill Van Kull is the body of water seperating Staten Island and New Jersey, linking the New York Bay and Newark Bay, the busiest commercial port on the East Coast.

When its not cold and windy, its a sight watching the massive ocean-going ships glide by up close and personal.

Macy's Dept Store
Broadway and 34th Street

Sterling and Nostrand
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

14th and Broadway
Union Square

Union Square Dog Run

SI Ferry American Legion
Upper New York Bay

Whitehall Station
Lower Manhattan

Whitehall Ferry Terminal
Battery Park, Lower Manhattan


A reason Bloomberg won....

Support your local library y'all.

For all its given me in the last few months.. I will be.

Monday, November 05, 2001

<./Deep thought of the day..>

You can clearly tell the future in hindsight.

Someone earlier in the year told me how the rest of the year was gonna turn out. She was surprisingly on target.

And, so far Im still surprised and clueless. :-)

Apparently just because I was given warning still didnt mean I knew well enough to take advantage.

If I were given a wish by a mighty Jinni - I would ask for the power of foresight, with the perspective of hindsight. :-)

But then, I ask myself - would life be interesting then?

Heh. mebbe I should just act as if I already have it all figgered out..

<./end Deep Thought of the Day>