Saturday, March 08, 2003

Holding on Yellow Alert

And still, Im getting indications from the firewall proggie (why o why didnt I install the blamed thing sooner) that my machine is sending out backdoor virus signals, but Norton sez Im all clear. Hrmm.

It had said all clear before too.

I know I seem to be chasing ghost and delusions, but even well-hidden vermin always give off signals that they exist.

Just gotta pay attention.

Paranoia Security watch level, still holding on 'Yellow".

CHooper: hiya - whats new
JPennant: hey. hunting backdoor virii.
CHooper: huh
JPennant: viruses that allow people to take over your machine over the internet
CHooper: why would you do that
JPennant: someone dropped one on my machine
CHooper: ah that sucks
JPennant: I cleared it out, but Im still hearing mice in the walls
CHooper: hehe
JPennant: Eh. Things happen, usually turns out beneficial.
JPennant: Also redesigning my site
CHooper: cool
JPennant: (and future sites)
JPennant: xml, databases and moveable type, oh my.
CHooper: so whats new in America
she's in London
JPennant: Jittery. Divided.
JPennant: Looking for scapegoats on both sides.
CHooper: are we talking about war?
JPennant: yup

And then we went onto other subjects....

Friday, March 07, 2003

Random thought

.. as I hum the lyrics to Sade's - Sweetest Taboo

I think youre just too good for me

When a woman (or man, come to think of it) looks you in the eye after you tell them youre crazy about them and tell you..

You treat me too well. I dont deserve it.

Dont think of it as a challenge to prove how good you can be, prove to her that she has worth beyond her knowing, how worthy she is.

Run. She (or he) knows far more than you do.

You may not find out just how low you can go, but she (or he) will take you there.


Will you keep on
Loving Me

Ha ha

Will you keep on
keep on
bringing out the best in me


Thursday, March 06, 2003

.. twas a Quiet Time

Writers and photographers block. (theres a lot to say, but dunno how to say it).
But I need to put up something so I feel like I did something...

Sometime in June of 2000


ah, its quiet

nuthin's rilly goin on

cant think of much to say

unless you wanna see the ka-jillions of pictures Ive taken.

JoePennant: heheh

So.. Memories of NY


The infamous Puerto Rican Day Parade of 2000

(yes, they posed for me.)



Chinatown along Canal Street


Canal Street, but more Little Italy - the Blue Knights Garlic Run of 2000


Oh yeah, the Gay Pride Parade of 2000

Oh yeah, I 'met' Hillary at the parade!

Well, she saw my camera, went "How ya doin!" and stopped in front of the camera for me.

She's actually a striking woman in person.

Now, quiz - how many Secret Service men are in the picture?

2? Wrong. Try 5. (Hint.. look for people wearing jackets in 95 degree heat..)

Of course.. the subway

...the cows of 2000

You know, I couldve sworn June of 2000 was a slow month.

Hm. Goodness.