Saturday, November 26, 2005

Samoan lava lava print detail

Lava lava print detail, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

I dont know what the cloth is made of, but it is thick, cool in the heat and warm against the chill.
The colors are brilliant.

Dateline: San Francisco

WaikikiJPennant: *sigh* Im almost off my Hawaiian high
mars: haha.
mars: time to plan the next trip
JPennant: heh.Im contemplating taking up Hawaiian Airlines on their season pass deal :-)
mars: =)
JPennant: But yeah, Im already budgetting to buy more Lava Lava's
mars: hahaha. samoan at heart
JPennant: I feel at home with them
mars: that's good to hear though
mars: if you did come to visit again, what would you want to do though. Seems like you did a lot already
JPennant: Im honestly not sure.
JPennant: I think Id explore a little more
JPennant: But Im now doing more reading and watching Magnum PI with new eyes. :-)
mars: =)
mars: you really like that show
JPennant: Heh, I dunno about you, but who doesnt wanna drive the Magnum PI cars?
JPennant: I would love a Ferrari Spyder, even for a short time
JPennant: But Id like to have my drivers license back so I can rent a scooter and car. I want to go to the Big Island
mars: hehehe yeah sounds like fun
mars: that would be fun. i think you'd like the BI
JPennant: cool :-)

LuauJPennant: I want to go to a local Luau. I realized what it was I DIDNT like about the Luau
mars: what is that?
JPennant: Being rushed
mars: hmm i don't think i've ever been to a "local" luau
mars: local just means potluck. haha
JPennant: Its like if you came to Jamaica, and you came for dinner.. nobody would be rushing you
mars: very true. but the thing is...the touristy luaus have to be that way. they have a time limit. but parties at a person's rush
JPennant: exactly
JPennant: I heard the non touristy luau's ae a bit like that
JPennant: And frankly, the food sucked at Germaine's :-)
JPennant: The only thing truly warm was the pig
mars: umm deary, i tried to warn you
mars: hubby dislikes germains
mars: he's partial to paradise cove, but of course, it does cost more
mars: but at least you got to see one for yourself =)
JPennant: yeah, I did :-)
JPennant: Next time, I think I'll camp out for a night or two
JPennant: so, I can go around the island a little more slowly.
mars: on the beach?
JPennant: not necessarly just the beach
JPennant: Im reading the book 'Hidden Hawaii' right now, getting some ideas.
mars: that's cool though. but of course, you should take other trips to other places first huh. NY?
JPennant: NY, Chicago, Vancouver, San Diego
mars: nice
JPennant: If i can figure out how to quit my job abd travel :-)
mars: haha
mars: when you find out let me know
JPennant: I got some ideas. Dont know if they'll work, but they might :-)

JPennant: What's interesting to me, a side benefit of the trip ...
JPennant: was that I learned how to use my camera better
mars: really? because of the different lighting?
JPennant: Yes. definitely
JPennant: because I was having trouble getting the pctures I wanted for the first coupla days
JPennant: But it didnt become apparent until after I got home that I'd learned anything
mars: =) that's great
mars: now you can write it off as a business trip
mars: haha
JPennant: hee
JPennant: yeah, next year I gotta start getting the nitty gritty to set myself up in business
JPennant: gonna use Hawaii as a jumping off point for trips to Australia and other places
mars: nice
JPennant: Phillipines, Australia and India are next on my travel destinations
JPennant: Just dont ask me when. It'll happen when it happens :-)
mars: hehehehee
mars: well, i'll live vicariously thru you.
mars: I don't think hubby would want to visit PI or India
JPennant: well, I guess he has no reason to
JPennant: Heh, sometimes you gotta make up reasons :-)
mars: hehehe

JPennant: My RL friends all wanna go to Hawaii now :-)
mars: hehehehe
JPennant: But like most folk on the mainland, it feels like a faraway dream. Possible, but not really probable. :-/
mars: but its just a flight away. and cheap hotels can be found
JPennant: Eh, its a 10 hour flight from the East Coast, and the hotels all wanna charge 160 bux and up in the regular season
JPennant: so it feels like it needs a lot of money and time to do.
mars: ah. if its from the east coast then never mind
mars: hehe
JPennant: So, most folk got to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico instead'
JPennant: a shame
mars: hehehe
JPennant: but they do all wanna get to Hawaii
JPennant: Its sorta like you and wanting to go to Europe
mars: true
JPennant: They have cheap flights to Europe all the time from the East Coast
JPennant: Imagine.. $270 bux roundtrip to London???
mars: i know!
JPennant: I wonder what the cheapest flight to Europe is from Hawaii?
mars: hmm 700
mars: ??
JPennant: well, thats not too bad.. but you wouldnt pick up and just go at that price
mars: very true

JPennant: Wow, price of flights to Hawaii just doubled
mars: winter
mars: it will do that
JPennant: Went from 217 to 417 from Oakland
JPennant: Only about 20 bux from SFO.
JPennant: to about 280
mars: just wait. hehe
JPennant: heh
JPennant: Do you travel between the islands often?
mars: not really. maybe once every 4 years?
JPennant: whoa! Thats it??
JPennant: too expensive?
mars: its like..why go? we've already been
JPennant: wow
JPennant: Someone's gonna make a mint when they introduce inexpensive flights and ferry trips.
JPennant: Do the Jetblue and Southwest thing
JPennant: If it were cheaper, you'd go ore often?
mars: maybe. but hotels are $$ too
JPennant: yah
JPennant: wow. If I had the moeny, Id be bribing the right officials to start setting up some inexpensive ways to do it :-)
JPennant: Heh, maybe I should put that into my master plan for taking over the world :-)
JPennant: "Cheap inter-island fares, set up my own airline" :-)
JPennant: "Itinerant Airlines" - I like the sound of that :-)
mars: hahahhaahha
mars: that would be cool
JPennant: that would, actually :-)
JPennant: Do it like "Soul Plane" but for Hawaiians :-)
mars: =)
mars: ok. time to go. have fun making your plans to take over the world
JPennant: Heheh. will do. :-)
mars: byebye

Friday, November 25, 2005

Waikiki surfer

Waikiki surfer, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Germaine's Luau

Germaine's Luau, originally uploaded by Itinerant.


Luau, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Lookin forward

Germaine's LuauOften, its
assumed that I forget about the things I say I will do, if the ETA passes.

I never do.

Anyway, I'd intended to get The New Camera before I went to Oahu, but I held back to save bux for the travel. Hard choice.

But a benefit of waiting is that things get cheaper. :) And since I left for the Islands - the price of The Camera has dropped a hundred bux. As Kate would say:


(She Pisces, she can have outbursts of outward emotion. Im a Virgo. Not allowed. :)

So, in a month - I'll have the new camera. And then I can send in the current camera for in-warranty cleaning and repair before the warranty expires.

Eeeh. Can't wait.

Well, I can but not much longer.
Finals are in a few weeks for me - but kate has been going to school for the past 3 years ...

k a t e: IM Administrator: This IM session is being recorded and may be reviewed for compliance by (BigAss Corporation) through its several divisions.
k a t e: HEY!
JPennant: YO!
k a t e: I am a graduate!
k a t e: wooohooo
JPennant: right on ((huug)))
JPennant: congratulations :-)
JPennant: how does it feel? :-)
k a t e: not much different
JPennant: It will. You dont have to say "I didnt finish college" to nobody
k a t e: :-D
JPennant: Its good to hear, dear. School is kicking my ass right now, so youre giving me imspiration. :-)
k a t e: haha:-)

Proud of my friend. :) She had all kinds of reasons to stop. She might have scraped through a couple times, but she finished.

So, I gotta stick it through and not skip any steps. But man, I am so looking forward to the end of next semester.

Cuz, school never truly never ends.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Waikiki aquarium

Waikiki aquarium, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

In an easy and relaxed manner

If ever there were a day to forget about what is largely out of your control (global warming, flu pandemic, toxic slush), it is today. The world gets dirtier, and the average human life is longer than ever. So give guilt and anxiety a rest.

SafewayI walked out of the house without the camera last night, knowing I wouldnt be home until late the next afternoon after work and school. I didnt go back for it, I felt the need to play hooky from the camera, from further routine.

And sure enuff, I didnt even miss it. Much. :)

Right now, Im using as my mantra "In an easy and relaxed manner" for everything. Im doing that to not stress about things and tasks and not succumb to a wash of negativity.

As I told a young person recently, "Life is not that hard".

It isnt. As long as you remember to hang loose. :)
Contrary to years previous where I wrestled to define them to the last minute, Ive already decided as to what my New Years resolution will be.

This years resolution, to be more organized, Ive failed miserably, but I havent given up. It is too important and impacts too many aspects of my life. I will keep working on it, as my resolutions are more ongoing life statements, not something to work on for just a year.

So, this resolution? To lose a measurable amount of weight by working on my diet and being more active. Therefore the resolution is to work on how and what I eat and to be more active.

That does NOT mean Im going on a diet and eating salads. That does NOT mean Im simply joining a health club.

I am going to lower my sugar level and walk up and down the hills of San Francisco, avoiding cabs and walking to and from work. Lose weight to help my knees and metabolism.

To help this, I bought a walking stick. :)

Man, i used to scorn people I saw walking around with walking staffs in the Bay Area. I did, I admit. :) But I now realize they are madd practical.
Now technically, what I bought is a monopod for my cameras, but it doubles as a walking stick. And a whupping stick. But we wont talk about that.

Already, Ive been using as a walking staff, and Oh. My. God. I thought it would simply be an aid up inclines. But nooo.. Ive discovered what shepherds have known for centuries:

I cover a lot more ground, FASTER. A walk of only a few blocks has the blood moving and me breathing a lil heavy now.

Cool. :)

This looks to be fun.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ocean Beach sunset

Ocean Beach sunset, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

I craved some Ice Cream, so ...

I craved some Ice Cream, so ..., originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Hot Fudge Sundae topped with roasted almonds, shaved dark chocolate and strawberries.

Hart to Hart
8th Avenue & Irving

Naan n' Curry

Naan n' Curry, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

How to fill up on not a lotta loot:

Chicken tandoori: $1.99
Rice: $1.00
Naan: $1.00
Water: Free
Milk Tea: Free

I added a Garlic Naan for $1.99 to the mix.

This WILL fill you up at naan n' Curry.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I played (hooky) with myself today

Ocean BeachTechnically, it's not playing hooky if it's your day off. But dammit, I needed a break from work, school and routine.

Merc retrograde is going according to plan with my attempts at electronic repairs and dealing with relationships going awry, and Im heartily sick and tired of school as well as silly people at work.

So, I played hooky.

I did go to class, but I didnt carry m school back, no books. I put on a schockingly blue aloha shirt and my bush hat. I slung my little bag and packed the monopod and extry batteries and no school books or notepad. After, I took my makeup quiz and did an exercise, I did NOT - I repeat, did NOT go home and go to sleep.

And then I randommed the rest of the day. Heading west to the ocean via the scenic route: ie: jumping on and off the N-Judah streetcar.

I grabbed a sandwich at the Castro Safeway (heavily unhealthy bacon, eggs and cheez grilled wit mayo sammich), jumped on the N-Judah, got off before the East Portal @ Duboce Park and watched Men and Women who Love Their Dogs play with the same and each other.

I took pictures, natch, then took the N-Judah through the tunnel out the other side past the West Portal and out to Ocean Beach to catch the setting sun.

Timed it just right. Ripped off about 200 shots for the pre-, during and post-sunset scenes, into the starlight.

Once I did that, I fled the encroaching chill back on the N-Judah and got off at 9th & Irving, that funky trendy part of Upper Sunset. Although I craved Ice Cream, I also craved some Naan & Curry.

Oddly, it is easier for me to go all the way to the Sunset from my house to the Naan & Curry outpost on Irving, than it is for me to get to the Naan & Curry in the Tenderloin, which is several miles closer to me. Odd.

I like Naan & Curry, for when I Had No Loot in Berkeley, I could blow $3.50 and Fillup mightily with Tandoori Chicken, Naan and rice at the Berkeley oupost of Naan & Curry. Tasty too.

So, for old time's sake, I ordered the same, cept I ordered a Garlic Naan. Everything was perfect, cept they BURNT my !&%#%!@&# garlic naan. No worries tho. I actually like crispily chewy bread anyway.

Along with the pitcher of water and milk tea, I waddled out, looked around the old-fashioned Irving Street neighborhood and spotted the ice-cream parlor.

Shortly, a Hot Fudge sundae of French Vanilla swimming on fudgem covered in strawberries, shaved chocolate and a healthy topping of whipped cream and toasted almonds was sitting in front of me.

*urrp* 'Scuse me.

I got off the N-Judah to transfer to the bus, but went to the Castro Thrift store and picked up some books. A swift ride on the 22 Fillmore got me home.

I am comfy now.

Good to play hooky from your routine now and then.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Postcard day in Waikiki

Postcard day in Waikiki, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Day in paradise.