Saturday, April 17, 2004

Satcherday foolishness

JPennant: me me me me me me. you?
McClint: seagull?
JPennant: nah
McClint: duck duck duck duck duck duck goose?
JPennant: you you you you, all about me, then more me, then you.
JPennant: (our convos)
JPennant: :-)
McClint: hahaha
JPennant: me me me, girlie, me, you?
McClint: hmm well let's see.... me me me ME me her me me that guy over there me
JPennant: right on. me, more me, girlie, girlie, me.. and you did what? :-)
McClint: oh man! i just remembered that I should have a balance on gift certificate
JPennant: you can have a balance ?
McClint: if you dont use up all the gift certificate
JPennant: oh ok
McClint: hehehe $4.28 left on it :-)
McClint: i think i'll get The World According to Garp
JPennant: nah, something useful
McClint: i like tha tmovie
JPennant: I never really got it
McClint: very underrated
JPennant: hm
JPennant: maybe I need to read the book
McClint: me not reed buks much
JPennant: heheh

Friday, April 16, 2004

Changes are afoot, again.

And this
time, its my fault, my doing.

I tipped over the applecart. Let the dawgs out the yard.

Ive done it on purpose.

Better to make changes, than to have them forced upon you, Im finding.

Its mercury retrogade time the year, time of changes.

So, do I respond to the nice drill sergeant (merc retrograde) cooing suggestions into my drowsy ear, or having said drill sergeant tossing me and my bed out the window to get me to act?


Heh, or something like that.

LilBro sent me his old laptop so that I can get my efforts going.

Hee. My little brother has a sweet tooth, and I found a big ass stash of Kitkats in the side pocket. Ah well.

Some folk are jealous that I have technology in my hands again...

They dont get it. This to DO things with, otherwise it is of no use. It aint a toy.

I have a lot of work ahead. The pace is picking up.

Thanx Lilbro.. and the kitkats are delicious. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tax Day

Another benefit
of deep poverty. NO TAXES!! Woohoo.

No bling-bling either, but watcha gonna do..

The Cappy writes with her characteristic peal of laughter:
Today is what? Tax Day? How did that happen?

Yeah, well maybe next year I'll file.

Truly there is no real income to report, but I will get
the "paperwork" into the the IRS, HEY! they probably owe
me money.

Although, Tony says something about having to pay taxes in
order to get money back, WHAT's wit dat?

Heheh. Yeah, whats WIT that. :-)


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Stumbling around in the sunshine

Some folk
still think its about the money.


I keep repeating, its not ALL about the money. If it were simply about the money, I would be doing things differently.

And I'd be miserable.

Just answered a letter from my Cappy pal, the Joisey Goil, V, and she wrote this..

Still broke like a window, but the anticipation is delicious!

Heheh. She cracks me up.

And that sums it up pretty well.
Today's horrorscope
Nothing can daunt you. Nothing can deflect you from the path you have chosen to take. You know what is right, you know what is just and you know what it is you must do - now it comes down to applying yourself. More than any other sign, you have the power to follow things through to the end, so keep going and don't be afraid.

No. Im not.

Just a little agita, right here..
Really, all I have to do is make her happy.

She doesnt need much to make her content, she can take care of herself.

Dont have to worry about impressing her, buying stuff for her. Just be myself, live up to my potential.

The woman is weird. :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Pump the brakes

Alliteration: "Slow down, chill, back up, curb your enthusiasm."

Colloquial use: "Pump the brakes on that shit."

Ok, so Ive been going a little springtime love-mad over LeGirl lately.

That worries me.

Ive been there before with the less-than-deserving candidates, enough reason to pump the brakes and slow down, right?

Not according to her.

The payoff comes when Im NOT my usual analytical, controlled, reserved Virgo self, that dimpled 2,000 watt grin and Leonine purring (they *do* that :-O ) telling me Im not at all wasting my time.

What's a poor Virgo to do when he has to let go of the brakes?

Err.. maybe have some fun. :-)

k a t e : hey you
JPennant: hey hey
JPennant: how do?
k a t e : better than on friday
k a t e : tough tough day
JPennant: good
k a t e : you?
JPennant: doin aright :-)
JPennant: got female on my mind, so Ive got a silly grin on my face
JPennant: ;-)
k a t e : hehe
k a t e : congrats!

JPennant: yeah, we're trying again
JPennant: it was gettin very nice before, then I screwed up. :-/
JPennant: I got jealous
k a t e : ahh
k a t e : jealousy- not a nice trait!!
JPennant: some french guy was making hard moves on her, she was responding to it, and so I said "fuck it"
k a t e : and?
JPennant: around the same time I started hanging out with my friend Mira
JPennant: SHE got pissed
JPennant: so we stopped talking
JPennant: not totally
JPennant: that was last year, round november
JPennant: but she didnt totally give up on me, I realized

JPennant: I just have to change how I am when I see her
JPennant: I have to SHOW my feelings.... I have to be conscious how I am when I see her.
JPennant: but so far, its been worth it. :-D
k a t e : i am happy for ya
JPennant: I hope I dont fuck it up again, she's a trooper

JPennant: The other thing I have to adapt to
JPennant: is that she has a lot of people hanging around her
JPennant: not to get jealous
k a t e : yeah..cause that can get REAL annoying
JPennant: heheh
k a t e : just play it cool!
JPennant: Im trying

JPennant: its funny, the french guy is still hanging around
JPennant: I have a feeling I shouldnt worry about being #1
k a t e : hehe

k a t e : what is he like?
JPennant: the french guy?
k a t e : yeha
k a t e : is he cocky?
JPennant: hm, yeah
JPennant: a nice enough guy
JPennant: handsome in a scruffy kind of way
JPennant: oh yeah, forgot to mention
JPennant: the jealousy applies to other women hitting on her too
k a t e : hehe

JPennant: normally, all that is too much drama for me
JPennant: which is why I ran the first time
JPennant: but I eventually I realized that she was keeping track of me
JPennant: She even remembers stuff I forgot I even told her
JPennant: so, I kinda figured she still gave a damn :-)
k a t e : O:-)

k a t e : do you have any pix of her
JPennant: dangit no
JPennant: the camera broke in august and thats about when I started seeing her more often
JPennant: She's very striking
JPennant: tall, about 5' 10"
JPennant: sorta tanned, olive skin
JPennant: sharp nose
JPennant: strong chin
JPennant: deep dimples when she smiles
k a t e : cute!
JPennant: yep, very. :-)
JPennant: athletic
JPennant: broad swimmers shoulders
JPennant: black hair
JPennant: she totally cut it off, butch cut
JPennant: except she keep these long hair length's behind her ears
JPennant: she rides her bike everywhere
k a t e : wow!
JPennant: yeah, she sorta has this outdoorsy look to her
JPennant: except her skin is flawless
JPennant: doesnt need makeup
JPennant: when I get a camera, she'll be one of the first pictures I take :-)
k a t e : cool
k a t e : i'd like to see her
JPennant: you will :-)
k a t e : :-)

k a t e : i have to go now, good luck!!!
JPennant: *wave* :-)
k a t e : talk to u later:-D

k a t e signed off at 2:05:56 PM.


Still, I havent taken off my running shoes...

Not yet.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Express yourself * 0_o *

To the WALL!!

Till SWEAT drops down my bawll!
Till ALL those big tits crawl!

- Chorus from the Ying Yang Twins "Get Low!"

Im shocked. Shocked, I tell ya at what the kids are listening to these days.

My music really hasnt progressed much in the last 2 years..

So I downloaded a few examples off Limewire I heard in passing from the radio.

Holiday Inn from Snoop and Ludacris

Raunchy. Nuttin I aint heard before.

But the Ying Yang Twins

* O_o *

Salt Shaker. Currently climbing the charts.

The dorty version, natch..

The chorus goes in part:

Shake it like a Salt Shaykah!


Face the wall, shorty!
Put your hands on it!
Bust that ass upanddown
Make a n***** want it!

Roll that ass right around like a muthafuckin' WHEEL!!
Shake that shit just like a muthafuckin' DRILL!!!

* 0-O *

So, I was giggling a bit. Imagining that being played ALL the time strip clubs. And clubs. And frat parties.

But on the radio???

(Well, Miami radio stations, but thats Miami..)


What ever happened to smooth, mellow grooves like D'Angelo's "Sh*t, D*mn, M*therf*cker", hm?

The @^%#$@ worlds going ALL to &*^$$ HELL.


Gotta hear that again...


I read my pal Angeline's latest entry with mild astonishment. She's highly articulate in writing and speech. And yet:
I am viewed as a reserved, quiet sort with few opinions on, well, anything at all, simply because I am either inarticulate, unwilling to go off seemingly half-cocked, or reluctant to get involved in an argument.

My reticence and polite demeanor, my desire to be friends with everyone and not rock the boat - it drives me crazy sometimes. I don't know how to let loose without being afraid of how I'll appear or who I might alienate.

I struggle with myself every day to free my recalcitrant tongue to express how I really, truly feel when an intense situation or issue comes up. 99% of the time, I fail, and I end up being either ashamed or angry at myself and my impotence.

I don't know how to break the silence.

Whoa, I never knew.

So, I dropped something in her comments:
Outwardly, Im not the intense, passionate type.

Daily, Im called "Calm, Laid Back."

I tend to rumble my opinions politely. But Im known as being direct, not tactless.

But, as Ive grown older.. especially as Ive moved from the east coast, where expressing one's opinion is a godsright, Ive become even more direct.

Especially on this West Coast, where being passive-aggressive is a godsright.

Daily, Im called "Asshole." :-)

Hey, Im not shy, and being direct is efficient.

My favorite phrase apparently is now "fuck this passive-aggressive shit".

People act is if theyve never heard that before.

But, they respect my directness.

But m'dear.. at some point, fuck the passive-aggressive shit. Being direct is efficient.

And as my friend V, the Joisey Goil would say, "Fuck 'em if they cant take a joke." :-D

Then again, is it ever that easy for some folk?

From my Morning Marn(tm):

Sugar is a cruel, cruel mistress. Oh, sure, she can make you feel that this, this is the day that you should just head out the door right this very minute and fulfill your dream of running a marathon, because by golly You Have Energy To Burn.

Then an hour or so later she gaily rips the rug out from under your feet and tosses you into a cleverly hidden Pit of Low Blood Sugar and Despair.

Never, ever turn your back on sugar. She Is Not Your Friend. Oh, sure, she'll show you the good times. For a while. Then she kneecaps you, and before you know it you're dragging your aged carcass somewhere quiet to nap.


Now, with the High Blood Sugar.. I have to be very, very aware of the potential sugar in everything Im imbibing.

Two Pecan Pie slabs, Marn? *sigh* those were the days. :-(

You know, Ive never had real Maple Syrup? I swear.

Y'all send out complimentary bottles, Marn?;-)

Its just to put in my tea, I swear.

I really shouldnt, but Im scared.

That this is illusory, that I'll fuck up, or she will, or Im being distracted from what I need to do...

It brings to mind a phrase (ripped out of context) that Dr Scott used:
The most insightful thoughts in that exchange for me were the choice of the words: "terrifying" and "delightful."

Yeah, like that.

But then the former schoolteacher who had the mental flipout (who still has the brusque, no-nonsense manner of a principal) said something profound..

"People freak out when things are going good. Shit. Why??"

I KNOW, right? So ridiculous.

Speaking of relaxing, Nancy in NY sent me a coffee substitute today.

Frankly, Chai and Herb Teas are getting old, and I cant live on hot chocolate and decaf mocha...

She promised that this is an excellent replacement.

DeCaffé Roast from Yogi Teas.

She told me when she serves it, people scarf it up without even knowing, or caring that its not coffee.


Instructions on the packets:
DeCaffé Roast

Directions: To enjoy the full-bodied flavor of DeCaffé Roast tea, boil one cup of fresh water and pour over one tea bag; steep 6 to 8 minutes. For stronger flavor, use 2 tea bags. Add your favorite sweetener and cream, milk or milk substitute. Take a moment. Breathe deeply. Embrace the mysterious.

"Embrace the mysterious"?

Heh. Im gonna try it anyway.