Thursday, March 21, 2002

Hmm. A plus for South Florida.

I can get the New York Post here! WhooHoo!

The Florida Edition is the same as the NY edition, with all the NY ads even.. unlike the NY Times national edition, which is a gyp outside of the NY area.

The Floridian NY Post is a buck, far more than the 25 or 50 cents it costs in the NY metro.. but hey, for me - its worth it.

Pure unaldulterated muckraking and punny headlines. :-D

Life is good.
News from New York..

Girlfight, Interrupted.

Somehow, I aint surprised.
As the furor over sexual misconduct by catholic priests and the Church's stalling tactics grows.. the NY Post throws this editorial into the mix.

Only in the NY Post, people...

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Welcome to Miami
Bienvenidos a' Miami

Cant seem to get that song outa my head. :-D

More later...

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Watching Haiku Tunnel, discussing San Francisco.. seeing shit there I wanna shoot..

"Im already preparing my shoot list watching this."
"They dont want you there."
"The people in California. They dont want you there."

Im thinking "What the FUCK is he talking about?"

"Uh-huh. And?"
"They DONT want you there."

Ahh. He meant Californians in general, not anyone there specifically. I think..
Eh. So what if he meant otherwise.

"Like Im doing this for the benefit of anyone but me. Im gonna go there, take pretty pictures, and write my shit."
"There is a sign when you enter Florida that says 'Welcome to Florida: Now Go Home' ".

And the great line comes:

"The arrogance of New Yorkers dissipates under the stoned haze of San Francisco."


Well shit,. Im sorta counting on that.

Im not a New Yorker.
Recently, I was talking to someone who is living far from home, and she was wishing there were more folk of color where she is living.

More of Us.

I pointed out, that not only is she an African American in a place that black folk are not a majority in, there are very few black AMERICANS there.

A foreigner in a foreign land.

I pointed out that because of my heritage, I feel like a perennial outsider almost everywhere.

A black man in America, and a Jamaican in America.

I feel closer kinship with caribbean folk of African, asian, Indian and latin heritage, than I do with most African Americans.. much less everyone else.

Black American are closer to other Americans culturally than they are to me. Even tho Ive been here since I was 15.

So, although I can TALK to anyone of almost any heritage, I tend to not feel a part of most groups anywhere in the US, except maybe parts of New York or Miami.

In other words, even though folk may treat me as a black american on sight - I dont fit ANYONE'S idea of the sterotypes.

Dont call me 'Shug' or 'Nigga'.

Im not African American.

Yes, I feel insulted when folk... "You are so INTELLIGENT". As if that's a fuckin surprise.

I am me.

And yes, I am an outsider.


Im not craving to be accepted.

Out of the blue today, someone handed me a Nikon FM10 camera.


They said Id put it to better use.


You know, Im not gonna question it when the universe hands you gifts.

I said I wanted a camera, and well.. hey.

I loved my old Nikon FM from college, and although lighter and not as solid as that was - it looks and works almost exactly the same.

Not too shabby - even as a manual camera.

Its a Nikkor lens and they take great images. Cool.

This'll definitely do until I can spring for the fancy schmancy digicams.
Changes are afoot.
To set up:

gigi: do you really need to be in fl to do what you're doing now? can't you do it here?
JPennant: Im primarily here for the money to GET to california
JPennant: as well as to set myself up
gigi: oh...
just hurry up already!! :p

JPennant: soon :-)
gigi: no one takes a good sf photo like you. :-)
gigi: the streets of chinatown miss your "itinerant" feet. :-)
JPennant: oh my :-)
JPennant: you REALLY know how to push the button of a dragon, eh
JPennant: his ego
gigi: haha

Now, Im starting to watch movies that are set in San Francisco.. for clues..

I honestly wasnt noticing SF as a major movie town before.

Umm.. did anyone know 48 Hours was set in SF?

Dirty Harry, I knew.. Bedazzled.. yup. Guess Who's coming to Dinner? Oh yeah!

Umm.. what else?

JT: Pacific Heights!

Me: What else?

Jt: Umm..

See? its not just me. And he's LIVED there.

Apart from Nash Bridges - SuperCop the many TV shows supposedly set in SF, well - seems like an alternate reality.

Dharma and Greg seems hippy, trippy and nowhere near there. Umm, what other shows currently on is set there?

Im looking at a list of Flix mostly or partially set in SF.. and I cant say I remember most of these cept for the Star Trek movies...

To be accurate, I cant remember it sticking in my mind that the millieu WAS San Fran in most of the movies set there..

If it werent for cable cars and steep hills, and the Golden Gate Bridge I doubt Id notice.

Probably notice it more if I lived there.

Ok, Im watching Haiku Tunnel now.

Raise your hands if youve seen this flick...