Friday, October 26, 2001

Found through Jonno:

Open Letter to New York City

Just for you, Anna. :-D

You wont hear me go "I Love New York" quite like that.. but (Spock's voice) "It's been.... fascinating."


Morning walk report:

A high pressure cold front moved into the Northeast today.

I was thinking it'd be cold and nasty.. but nah, it was crisp and clear. Now THATSA fall weather.

I wouldnt mind this as year round weather.
As usual, I got my morning gossip and extry free donuts at the bakery..

Well, no.. R threw in half a date nut bread into my bag too.

All I did was give her a few free t-shirts for her hubby. :-)

Hey, pastries can be nutritious too.
Not everyone likes me in this town.

The Indian lady at the library reference room, where I do my daily browsing, is remarkably surly.

I dun nuthin'.

Em? Must I roll her a joint?

What is it about librarians? Man.

Although she was a tad nicer to me after I gently suggested, as she was helping someone, that the medical term 'bulimia' was spelled with one "L".

Ok, 'nicer' is a massive overstatement...

Thursday, October 25, 2001


Short thoughts in lieu of da pretty pictures fer now...
Sometimes I wonder if not posting pictures isnt a good thing.

Ah, thats just my non-connected, starving-artist, gotta-use-other-peoples-machines-to-post diaspora talkin'.

As soon as Im back to rights...
Im itching to redesign all my sites.
Hm. It looks as if things apparently arent all as bad as I fear.

Jeez. Maybe living in Bayonne, New Joisey isnt ALL bad.

With little work in evidence on this side of the river, I still gotta go to New York to make any munny tho....

On my morning walk, I realized something...

Im not seeing everyone in Yankees schtuff. Few folk are walking around wearing Yankees crapp.

Maybe if I were in Da Bronx, itd be different.. but I dont see much of the tribal boosterism Ive seen these past years much in evidence.

People have another outlet for their passions right now? Or they're just used to the Yanks being in the Series?

Or folk arent really feelin' it?

Either way, notable by its absence.....
Wanderlust alert.

Places I wouldnt mind being about now:

- S.F. .. for about a week of wandering around.

- Memphis, Tennessee/Jackson, Mississippi/Route 65 South/New Orleans... all in a rented Black Lincoln Town Car.

Trust me.. ya gotta have that. :-)

Why? Just to be someplace different.. and, really, its almost all about the food in both cases an' places.
Folk in Bayonne, specially the Sicilian Ladies, are calling me 'Joey' more and more.


The Cappy did from day one, but it took everybody else awhile.

'Joey' sounds very different somehow when spoken with an Italian accent...
Currently very addicted to:

Herr's Heinz Ketchup-flavored Potato Chips.

Mmmmm. Im surprised no one has made this before.
(Herr's and Heinz are both Pennsylvania companies, thats prolly how they managed to get together on it..)

No, it wont make you forget the real thing (fries dipped in Reagan's Veggies), but its pretty damned good - no matter how cheesy the thought of this stuff sounds.

I dont really dig tater-chips, (dipping a chip is a strange act to me), so me likin' it proves how much this stuff rocks.

Well, actually.. no. But it aint bad at all. G'head. Give it a try.

Heh. You can sell almost ANYTHING on the Yahoo stores, it seems....

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The air is clear, the sun is shining, the birds etc..

The card reader came (GEORGE!! MY MAN!! I OWE YOU MANY, MANY LUTHER LP'S!!!), and Ive finally been able to offload the pix off the memory cards (unfortunately, one card became corrupted during the wait, losing many choice images. Crap. Ah, well).

Now I can take pictures again.

Im clicking pix just for the silly joy of it all.. I feel so much better.
Many people have been waiting for the opportunities inherent in a recession.

A LOTTA people are making a killing in the market right now, f'rinstance.

I was anticipating it too.. although I forgot rules number One and Two in this scenario.

1) Have money put away.
2) Make money.

Marrying for the money was not an option.

Anyways, the savvy folk in NY have been waiting for a recessionary real estate market for the longest, preferably one that would cause something akin to the Flight to the Suburbs in the 70's.

No one could anticipate a tragedy being added to the mix, but with people dumping property for far less than they paid and fleeing NY... there are folk salivating at the chance to buy into and live in Manhattan on the (relatively) cheap.

I was talking to someone, now living in Brooklyn, who was wide-eyed at the tale of a friend who just dumped his 500k TriBeca place near Ground Zero for 150k. She is now looking for a similiar deal. Actively.

Native New Yorkers may be concerned, but hey - a cheap place in Manhattan is a cheap place in Manhattan, which is still gold.

Eh, so what if you gotta deal with a little dust....

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Call me on the fone
Call me all alone
..Oh yeahyeah

I can hear the music from the hair place downstairs, as the sound waves bubble through my floor, they have this ^%#$#& song on the radio playing constantly - every hour on the hour.

It was cute for the first month or so.. but now...


And no-one tell me I got the words wrong. Screw how accurate I am...
Of course. Bloody perfect.

The store advertising the card reader I am expecting in the mail, is 'out of stock on this item'.

And it looks like it'll be in stock... never.

So, *thats* why Ive been waiting fruitlessly all this time, waiting for the device to clear my camera so I can have use of it again.

Of course.

Bloody &#^!%^%$ marvelous.

Monday, October 22, 2001

I got a months worth of images still waiting to offload.. so here are some random leftovers from the batch previous...

Most of the signs have been taken down around the metro area.

These appeared around Bayonne though, and still have not been taken down. I doubt anyone has the heart.

(They had come from Japan for a conference at the WTC, and were staying in Bayonne..)


JennyQ: good. watching the yanks kick arse.
JPennant: <-- cubs fan
JPennant: but Im glad yer happy

No Im not, but hey, next year..

At the internet cafe.. a man shouted out

"The yankees are ahead 2 to nuthing.."

Dead silence.

Then a shout: "Who gives a fuck!"

The man answered: "A Yankee hater, huh?"

Answer shouted back: "No, but they aint payin my fuckin' rent..."

There were laughs of agreement, and then the typing resumed....

Todays horrorscope:

The most important thing today, and for the rest of the week, is that you think for yourself and trust your own judgment.
Lots of people will be giving you lots of advice on lots of issues, but if your inner voice tells you they've got it all wrong, don't be afraid to ignore them and go your own way.
No one knows you better than you know yourself.


NYPost cover 10202001. Gotta love the Post.

Sometimes you just dont wanna hear about shit.

Specially to walk into the Brooklyn family homestead this weekend to show my face, and to hear grumbling about how mail isnt reaching folk, specially checks to the phone company and the landlord. A lot of mail is being held up due to this latest scare..

That of course makes me worried, as my own poverty affects only me - but I dont want to see anything happening to Ma.

Funny how I wont deign to dig ditches for myself.. but if my ma has to do without, I freak...

I moved halfway across the country the last time that happened.