Saturday, November 02, 2002

Today's horrorscope

It may not look it, but things are coming together. Don't try to anticipate the outcome. Keep an open mind and you'll be pleasantly surprised.


I got an indication of it the other day with the five dollar bill and the two donuts.

No, dont ask.

Friday, November 01, 2002

'The ability to play chess is the sign of a gentleman. The ability to play chess well is the sign of a wasted life.'

I hate to lose. Really. Hate. Losing.

Particularly in chess.

Years ago, I was a decent chess player. Good enough to hustle a little cash on occasion and hold off prison-trained masters. A rating of around 1700.

I havent played competitively in over 12 years.

Also, Ive noticed Im becoming increasingly absentminded (Fred and Daiv voted for 'senile'), so I loaded Chessmaster 6000 (Oooooooooohhhhh) on der Mac to see if I couldnt help matters a bit.

A few days later, Ive raised my chess ranking from the dirt of 250 to 900. Woohoo.

Chessmaster 6000 disses this level as "... knows how to play, however, is roadkill to REAL players".

Im paraphrasing here.

Thats fine. I WILL get better.

Anyway, I can feel my mind getting... errr...whats the word? ...errr....ahhmmm... damn, the word is on the tip of my brain...

Midnight on the Magnificent Mile

One of my objectives going to Chicago was to get images that Id always wanted to capture growing up there. At the same time Id been honing some low light skillz.

These came together as I walked down a deserted Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago (aka - the Magnificent Mile).


Yesterday, I started walking around with the plush all-cotton towel I'd snagged from the Ramada in Key West. First to cover my hair after I washed and then for the warmth...

Fred: You cold?
Me: Yeah, itsa damp kinda cold.
Fred: Most people dont have the sense to cover their heads when theyre cold. You obviously do.
Me: Eh, I grew up in Chicago.

DOH! If I'd truly had the sense, I woulda done this a long time ago.

Cover my head, that is.

With my cold-weather duds still sitting in a box in Florida (long story) Im gaining short term relief with a towel on my head.

Right now Im feening for a shopping trip to pick up some wool caps, gloves and Jackets.

For now, this towel will have to do.

Someone knit me some caps?

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The Sun in Brooklyn

I had long promised Sun some cuban food, and cuz she had never really wandered Brooklyn before, we kinda did all of the above on my NY layover.

It was kinda hot.

Eh, we're Island folk. We're used to the sweltering heat.

We decided to meet up at the world-famous Junior's on Flatbush Avenue in downtown Brooklyn, right off the Manhattan Bridge.

Theyre famous for their cheesecakes. So, while waiting for her I snapped a few visuals.

Junior's. Feh, the place and its fare is kinda over-rated and over-priced. So we had coffee and then headed out straight for lunch at the cuban place, wandering a bit through downtown brooklyn to the trains.

Heh. Dude thought it was about him. I ignored him.

Then for some reason I cant remember now, we wandered by Grand Army Plaza and Brooklyn's Farmers Market.

Heh.. a delivery scooter made entirely of duct tape.

Oh yeah.. on Flatbush Avenue, there are several Cuban places, and right across the street from each other.. there are two Castillo de Jagua restaurants.

Im not sure why either.

However, theyre both good - but we went to my personal favorite. El GRAN Castillo de Jagua.

We were both kinda psyched over the coming food.

It took awhile so we idly took pix of the scenery.

Then it came, man o' man.

It was a LOT of food.

And although Taurus folk (her) and Moon in Taurus folk (me) LOVE our food.. whoof.
We couldnt finish that meal. At all.

In addition to the Jamaican bread I forced on her, we ate good from the doggie bags when we got home.

Then (because I really wanted to before I left NY), I suggested a ferry ride. Being game, and because she had never ridden the Staten Island Ferry before.. we did the New York Bay.

She said she liked it.

A good day of walkabout was had.

Sweltering day or not, it was a nice way to end my NY layover.

If she can be lured from her comfy lairs.. Sun is very excellent company.. :-)