Saturday, August 10, 2002


As Shadow followed Odin's raven leading him to safety, he called out to it.
"Hey Mugninn, Jugninn, whatever youre called.."
The raven landed and turned its head to look at the man.
"Say 'Nevermore'."
Said the raven, "Fuck you".

- Neil Gaman's
American Gods

On a journey, you find you are given what you need. When you need it.

Sidebar: Its indeed hard to sublimate what you want to accept what you need. And then let that become one and the same. Nawmean?

In ways large and small - Im finding that the truism of getting what you need, when you need is indeed true.

But sometimes, you gotta calm the ef down and Go With The Flow.

*whine* Thats *hard*.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Manners, where art thou

I forgot to mention.

the ever-talented tricianna Kate. Tracy. Tim. Anna. Sun.

THANK you for accomodating your schedules at the last moments and hooking up with me while I was in New York.

The company was, and I no bullshit, most excellent.

Coffee and Cuban Food. :-D

Thank you guys.
According to the counter, I have taken 1155 images since I left florida.

I finally found a Mac proggie that resizes the images quickly, called ironically enough 'Resize'. Go figure.
the never-uncool wahine sunshine

Images soon.
Happy Belated to Fredlet, Mars and Daiv.

No, you can never forget Leo's..

But my humblest apologies.

*bow* *bow* *scrape* *retreat*


When my mom first came to visit me in Chicago..

She looked at the broad expanse of Lake Michigan and said "Thats not a lake, thats the sea!!"

I said .. "No ma, thats indeed a lake."

Now that I reflect.. she was right. Any body of water that big is indeed a sea.

I got chilled last night with the wind coming off the Lake, trying unsuccesfully to get a good southward shot of the downtown Chicago skyline.


I knew it was gonna be a challenge, but I didnt realize it was gonna be the kinda challenge where the steady wind would knock me off balance to spoil my shots.

Normally, Im good enough to catch long lens, low exposure shots with a handheld... but this had me yearning for a good heavy tripod.


Plus, I tried to get a shot from Lincoln Park. Not the right place, as treez I never remembered have grown along Lake Shore drive to obscure some of the landmarks.

Shit. Shit.

And Im aiming to leave tomorrow.
"Why dont you like Chicagoans, Ma?"

"I dunno.They seem so unfriendly."

"Unfriendly?? Nah. Ma, you live in New York.. you should be used to unfriendly people."

"I dunno Joey.. they just seem so unfriendly."

"Nah ma. They just dont know who you are. They want you state your business and thats that. Once you know them, they stay your friends for life."

She was right though. After wandering around, trying to engage people in conversation like I do in NY (where EVERYBODY'S got an opinion) I got The Look.
They werent up for extended chit-chat. Now I understand what my Ma went through those years ago.

The word is 'taciturn'.

But they WILL stay your friend for life.

LATE last night, after wandering North Clark Street for my favorite mexican food of memory (El Famous Burritos by Clark and Touhy.. found it. *uuuurrrrp*) I stood on the Howard Street El train platform bracing against the autumnal feeling wind off the lake..

I felt a hand on my shoulder and a familiar nigerian-accented professorial voice went "You back from Florida, Joseph?"


More grey, a little more wight.. but the same person. :-)

George Dzikunoo isnt the hugging type but the reception was warm and hearty nonetheless...

And its been like that these last few days. Taciturn, but warm recognition.

They do stay your friends.

Thats why Im a Chicago boy.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Waiting to Upload

*cue soundtrack of waiting musik*

Sweet Home Chicago

After 13 years.... Im home.

Not so much home as "I belong".

Im a Chicagah boy after all. Dagnabbit.

And as I wafted into town - Chicago cooled down from 100 degree temps to balmy (although slightly windy off the Lake) 60's and 70's.


I wandered into the Evanston YMCA looking for a room. They did me well, gave me Preferential Treatment (dont have any ID.. I HOPE its in the box to be shipped to Cali) and slipped me the hunnert dollar weekly rate.
Steam room and olympic-sized swiming pool included.

Better than I remembered.

I called people by wrong names. but they unnerstood.

"It HAS been nearly 13 years, after all." said william and John. (Not George)

Things have changed, buildings torn down, people moved on all that.

But the important things are still the same.

The memories fit.

Gotta find a connection to upload. Internet Cafe fees are sucking my Cali munny.

Still, righteous. Feels good to be home.

Chicago is gorgeous in the summer.

Did a lot of walking of my favorite scenic haunt from teenhood.. Evanston's lake parks and the Northwestern campuses...

Damn, those half-inch carp in the Northwestern lagoon grew to be MONSTERS. *stretches hands yaaaay wide*.

Monsters, I tell ya.

Monsters of the Midway, even. (a Da Bears joke.)


Yep. Home.