Thursday, August 01, 2002

Sorry. Its not me, its a Mac problem.

I do have pictures.

Lots of them.

But Ive gotten so used to using IrfanView to resize a large amount of images at a time, that Im struggling to find a mac tool that can do the same as quickly and easily.

And Blogger is a pain on a Mac.. which is no wonder Mac users leave it in droves to use MoveableType and Greymatter to blog.

So, my routine - tried and true - is kerflempt until I can adapt to the Mac.

Gimme a break, I havent used a mac regularly in nearly two years. Its like relearning a backwood trail.
I was supposed to have left NY today, but Im making room for people who had to accomodate me at the last minute.

So, Im aiming for Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

If I left earlier, I wouldve gone to New Orleans.. but thats out now.

Well, I cant do New Orleans in one day anyways -- and the cash status is tightening... so Im better off doing the straight route.

So, Im trying mightily to not bitch and moan.. and just enjoy the time I have left.

With or without seeing anyone.
Nah, Im not doing the tourist route... I havent been in Oz much.

Cept for when we dragged Kate to Jersey City for Cuban food

Brooklyn. Thats pretty much it.

And Im fine with that.
Again, Im sorry guys - this is all cryptic blindness without pictures adding to the narrative.

@T%$R@ ^@% Mac.

I say that with a smile, Clint.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

In a slightly better mood

A shower and clean clothes makes all the difference.

I have good friends.

Must remember to return the favors whenever its my turn.

Yes, it is very good to see them again.

I think Im getting back into a better mood.

Now stop gritting your teeth and smile, motherfucker - SMILE.
New York, New Yorkers... seem tired. Desultory. Weary even.

Maybe its the stultifying heat and humidity, made worse in a city where do you have to do a bit of walking.

Yeah, tired. The energy is just not the same.

But its still New York.

The fears still surface at odd moments, they seem to not be getting any sleep, stores arent as packed - but its still The Big City.

Funny thing, I just realized.

I havent turned my head to see and look for Whats Not There.

Not once.

Monday, July 29, 2002


I trundle into the city.. and EasyEverything Internet Cafe in Times Square has been shut down.

FAAAAHK. Plan A shot entirely to hell.

No email or IM.

No easy way to plan a stay here.

Im dog tired and funky AND Im trundling around with a heavy duffle bag and backpack.

I might as well jump the next effing bus to Chicago.

Im gonna try to reach the folk I promised I would see.

I know its unreasonable, but if those people are otherwise engaged .. I am OUTTA here.
Oh yeah, and its humid as FUCK.

Im rapidly getting beyond cranky.

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