Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cracked blue

Cracked blue, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The nice couple from Sweden I met at the Honolulu Cafe

"And the one thing Ive learned about America?"
"What's that?"
"The people are very, very nice."

JPennant: Hey, did I tell you about that swedish guy I met the other day?
Glinessa: no
JPennant: I was giving him advice on where to go off the beaten paths in Frisco and around america.. and he said out of the blue
JPennant: "You MUST write a book for people like me, who dont like tourists and want to know where to go when we go somewhere."
JPennant: I hadnt mentioned I was intending to do that anyway
JPennant: he continued saying he WOULD buy that book if I wrote it
Glinessa: ahhhhh
JPennant: It was like validation from above
Glinessa: lol

Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Instead of sleeping before work, Im up

McClint: dude
McClint: is the game over yet?
McClint: does chicago have another championship team yet?
JPennant: 9th.. White Sox batting, 1 out
McClint: gonna be the longest 3 hours in your life, huh?
JPennant: nah, theyve done what they set out to do.. win at least 2 in StL
JPennant: sorry, Houston :-)
JPennant: So, if they lose this game.. theyre back in Chicago for 2 more.
McClint: well good luck to ya. when the sox win, keep the rioting to a minumim. remember, some people dont care about baseball and need to sleep
McClint: ;-)
JPennant: hahahaha
McClint: i'm off to bed
JPennant: latah boss

The White Sox then won their first World Series in 88 years.

Chicago has waited a long time for this.

Ive been a fan since 1980. Twenty-five years. I used to take lilbro as a kid to double games, to Wrigley Field for the day game, then the old Comiskey Park for the night games. Somedays, Id take Marsha home to the South Side and we'd swing by the park to catch a game.

It wasnt the park that was fun. It was the Sox fans - down to earth, fun loving.

Chicago is the kinda place, when you make friends - they stay your friends. Which is why Chicagoans - no matter where they end up, call themselves Chicagoans.

I'm glad Im alive to see it.

Aright. Go Sox! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Corner @ morning

Corner @ morning, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

License Plate

License Plate, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Potty Mouth

Monday, October 24, 2005

JPennant: Oooh, I like this quote...

"Photography, like surfing," he suggests, "is an infinite process, a constantly evolving exploration of life. The more you know, the less you know. Every time you arrive at a level, you're at the bottom of the next level. It's endlessly challenging, and I think that's why I've stayed with it."
- Aaron Chang
Surfing photographer, also cofounder of Aaron Chang Clothing

sun: niice
JPennant: yeah, I like that :-)
JPennant: I like his way of following his passion while being financially independent
sun: its something to strive for
JPennant: I working toward it
sun: i know, hehe

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pancake & Butter

Pancake & Butter, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Storm front

Storm front, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Police presence on Geary

Police presence on Geary, originally uploaded by Itinerant.