Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My horrorscopes are being particular ($&%$*( profound today.

There are different kinds of security. There's financial security, there's emotional security and then there are childproof caps. There are seat belts and there's health insurance. There's a strong pair of arms and there's a strong heart. There are life vests and life preservers. There are also a whole lot of uncertainties, and not all of them have solutions. Look at where you're secure and where you can't be certain, and try to do your best to find some balance.

Life always involves a balancing act between how things are and how you'd like them to be. On the one hand, you have to recognize reality for what it is. On the other hand, you have to be able to visualize ways it could be better. The thing to avoid is imagining reality as something that it isn't. You won't fall into the trap of wishful believing as long as you're vigilant.

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