Thursday, July 06, 2006

If you know Chicago:

"I can eat and drink for free in Chicago. What's better than that?"

- Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox

Actually, there are very very few things better than that, if you know Chicago - hands down, the best restaurant town in the United States. What, New York and San Francisco? Great restaurant cities, yes - but nowhere near Chicago, trust me on this.
North Jersey comes close.

Now is the best time to be there. Before it gets really humid, its almost like California.
Yeah, Im missing Chicago. I should be on a greyhound bus right now.

Heh, if I win the lotto - even a few grand, thats what id be doing.
My brain is bushed, not that Im complaining, mind you. Although ive been sleeping till whenever I want to, Ive also been shooting in parades, crowds and cold. Ive used my gloves more in the past few weeks than I have in a year.

My hands, feet and nuts are taking their own sweet time to warm up.

In anticipation for... something.. Ive prepped and upgraded my computer equipment, a logistical headache, as swapping drives, reinstalling apps, settings take a bit of time.

Not that Im complaining, mind you. Really.

Ive got a feeling the easy part is over and now the real work starts.

As I reinstalled apps after putting in the new hard drive, I was too lazy to go into my stack of CD's to find a clean version of an essential app. So, I downloaded what I needed.

Then I violated computer rule number #5.. scan every questionable file you download. I didnt.

Good thing my antivirus automatically scans my drive every morning, and lo - one of the files, sneaky bugger, had dropped a trojan horse on my system.

On my brand new drive. Grr.

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