Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Something I came across:

Opportunities are rarely convenient.

They also don?t announce their presence at the top of their lungs, come knocking at your door, or rearrange themselves to order. Very often they are awkward, poorly timed, require extra work, and you ought to think yourself damn lucky to get them (because they are rare and valuable). See them for what they are; not gold plated opportunities, but oysters with rare pearls underneath the goo.

Go with my logic and look elsewhere or go with my intuition and roll with it?

MisterB: eh, don't put all your eggs in one fryer
JPennant: heh, no never that
MisterB: i'm just saying that sometimes you don't get what you want, and maybe something better for YOU may still be out there
MisterB: it happens all the time
JPennant: oh absolutely
JPennant: but my logic is warring with my instinct
MisterB: then just satisfy both of them then
JPennant: i trust my intuition more than i trust my logic :-)
MisterB: well, just dont set yourself up for failure, and then make excuses for it, when you could have easily had success
JPennant: very true
MisterB: you know, that fear of success thing ;-)
JPennant: indeed :-)

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