Thursday, October 12, 2006

What i learned this summer

ConvertibleIt wasnt until yesterday when friend Risa popped on IM from Baltimore and gave effusive props for my recent pictures that I realised it. And even then, it wasnt until i slept on it that I realised.
Ive gotten a lot better just over this summer. Demonstrably better.

I'd actually thought I hadnt accomplished much over the summer, not been able to travel as id wanted or not taken as many pictures as I anticipated.


I had privately questioned taking this much time off, with no travel to show for it, but now I gotta say - it has definitely been worth it.

The other (photography related) thing i realised is that as nice as the pictures are that i am getting, i am starting to outstrip the abilities of my equipment, meaning that it is rapidly time to upgrade my gear. To expensive professional level lenses and cameras. As well as tripods and lenses and sundry.

How expensive? Im thinking about 10 grand to be spent over the next year.

That's investment grade money.

Well, the summer is over.

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