Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You pod, I pod, i dont Pod anymore

I sold
my iPod to a deserving friend the other day. I needed the cash, my friend got herself an ipod without having to spend a lotta dough, and it goes to a home who will appreciate and take care of it. A win-win.

All in all tho, I found the iPod experience to be very, very overrated.

The final result after a year and change of ownership? 2 dead ipods, the third never used. Eh.

Worse, the reason i used to justify the purchase - being able to store images while out shooting without a laptop - never came to fruition as it wouldnt work with my cameras or card readers, and it would die so suddenly, I simply couldnt trust the thing with my images. I can do better than that.

My THIRD ipod in a year??? Thank god they were replaced under warranty, but that qualifies as THE most unreliable gadget Ive ever owned. Apparently most ipod owners have been through this. Sure, Ive dropped them a few times, but who hasnt? I even got a near indestructible hard case for it.

Nah, I can do without an iPod.
Well, I like my job I have to say.

The work is interesting, the company does good things in the community, the people are cool and the experience dovetails with what I am trying to accomplish.

Yeah, it's only been a week and Im not always trusting of the employer/employee contract, but the ONLY negative I can even think of is Im getting paid half of what Im worth.

And who doesnt think that? :)

Nope ,the only thing Im concerned about is that I am rapidly falling into my workaholic habits again, staying late to do "One. More. Thing.". Even my bosses are telling me to relax and not burn myself out.

Gotta leave before nightfall and keep my visiting work over the weekend to a minimum. The work isnt that overwhelming. The pressure is largely self-imposed.

If only for my health.

All in all, not so bad.

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