Sunday, December 17, 2006

The seperation of work and home

I dont
check blogs as often anymore, once a week or so. I still make sure i post something, anything, every day of the week, even if its just a picture or fact, but not much with the reading.

It's partly because I refuse to import my home bookmarks to the work computer. I could but I dont. Im probably more militant about "work is work, home is home" than i used to be, but I think its best, even though ive always got work issues churning in my brain. And also, that frequency is better since most of the folk i read regularly update sporadically anyway, some once a month or two.

In any case, my blogging fix is fed by Flickr. More people and pictures. Weirdly, i think blogging is on the decline because of Flickr and like-minded site multiverse.

Eh, breaking one habit for another.

Having a mildly OC personality, whenever im into something, that is all I'll talk about, driving even my most patient of friends to distraction.
Irritation, even. I understand.

However, sometimes I get irritated, and it flashes over.

JPennant: Heh, a great craigslist seeason is coming soon. perfect storm
JPennant: people selling gifts, stuff thy dont need, and raising cash for rentt and credit card bills
JPennant: if a powerbook or g4 imac pops up at the right price, im gettin it
G: obie kaybie
JPennant: hey, ive been living under restrictions for many years now
JPennant: i dont want everything
JPennant: just a few things
JPennant: and they have a purpose that have a ROI
JPennant: mac, camera, lenses
JPennant: dont need much else
JPennant: After living in shelters, sleeping outside and enduring extreme poverty
JPennant: Im entitled.
G: i agree
JPennant: *growl* :-)
G: lol

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