Sunday, December 31, 2006

Working very late at work, I found myself on the wayback machine.

I wrote this on September 18, 2001

The streets were busy as usual, the traffic snarls monumental, and yet - there was very little shouting. The whole day, I heard one car honk in ALL of manhattan.


Store owners are rediscovering customer service by saying "youre welcome" after a customer says "thank you".

Still quite surreal.

Many of the young and fashionable are still homeless, as I saw many sleeping on trains and subway platforms late into the night, a lot of them unable to get back into their homes in lower manhattan.


Most folk, like I did, surrendered to the weariness, and slept. Some fitfully, some deeply.

Maybe Im putting a spin on it, maybe its just a reaction, but most folk just seem.. tired.

Seems like a lifetime yesterday ago.

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