Saturday, February 03, 2007

MisterB: how's shorty? ;-)
JPennant: Gonna take it for some daylight running today
MisterB: cool! is it working out like you had hoped?
JPennant: its a whole nother level
MisterB: awesome
MisterB: i liked last night's night shot of the shop doorway.... very sharp!
JPennant: this is definitely a photographers tool.. its like driving a BMW
JPennant: its like the way Car and Driver described driving a Porsche 928S
JPennant: it makes an average driver think he's a good driver
JPennant: makes a good driver think he's a professional
JPennant: and makes a professional think he's God.
MisterB: hee!
JPennant: :-)
JPennant: yeah, its that good.
MisterB: {{imagine's Joe doing the "happy dance"}}
JPennant: nah, just a shit eatin' grin :-D
MisterB: that too :-D

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