Saturday, February 17, 2007

Those hooks

Lately, because Ive had XM Radio being streamed to my computer at work, Ive had these song hooks running through my head.

Currently it's

".. just bought a Cadillac.. THROW SOME D's ON THAT BITCH!!"

You see, all the hooks have been slightly dirty, which is a problem when your IT director is walking the halls humming dirty hooks.

Good thing SF is full of understanding alternative folk.

co-workers Im drinking more.

Part of it is a result of the work, as some days, some weeks Im reeling from the daily unexpected crisis' that are part and parcel of IT work. (Mercury retrograde is hitting us particularly hard this cycle.)

It used to be, if I had a beer more than once or twice a month, I was being a lush. Now, Im having 2 0r 3 drinks a week.
Still, as a near teetotaler, I try to keep my drinks to one glass of something or a beer, then I fondle a glass of water thereafter.

The other part is the folk I work with - they party HARD. They work hard, but they party harder. Coming in hungover is part and parcel, and a few discreet drinks at lunches and business meetings doesnt faze management. As long as the work is done.

Well, most of the liquor companies are clients as well as half the bars in town, so if youre outta control or are a recovering alcoholic, it'd be hard to work where I do.

Still, its kind of a perk of the job going into a bar, giving my biz card and getting a drink on the house.

I just dont do that very often. And I always tip the bartenders.

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