Saturday, March 31, 2007


Im shick, so coherent thoughts havent been happening.
Health wise, even with many genetic tendencies toward hypertension, blood clots and diabetes in my family, we're pretty staunch and rarely get sick or debilitated.

But, since I started working again since last summer, Ive been nagged by several flu episodes. Ugh. When I wasnt working - I never got sick.

*space out*

I forgot my next thought.
Today's horrorscope sez:

Take some time to tidy up a bit today. Prepare for some busy days ahead.

My place is a pig pen and doesnt just need cleaning up. I need to throw away 80 percent of what I have. The bicycle Ive never ridden, the shelves Ive never assembled, the product boxes for cameras. Hell, Ive got THREE sets of surround sound speakers (Dont ask).. Books and magazines I intend to read and will probably never get around to doing so.

Even with my mantra of living simply, i justhave this clutter around me. I dont need any more stuff. What I need is a determined spring cleaning of the truest sort.

I envy LilBro's ability to throw things away without a second thought.

Ugh. Except I dont wanna get outta bed.

I promised my friend G that I'd attend her law school graduation this spring, which gives me an excuse to get out of town for the first time since 2005.

The good news is that even with high fuel prices, airfares arent unreasonable. Except. I am flying into a State Capital (not a major international airport) and flying back from a different airport.

Long story short: Two one way tickets are more expensive than two round trip tickets.


Gargh, I dont like being sick.

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