Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Dee Cluttering

You've probably noticed the site looks slightly different.

This the culmination of seven years (!) worth of planning. And it looks pretty much the same.

Folks, it's a revolution. Im decluttering. Changing. Making changes. Planning on changes.

A meandering change, if you may.

This is a manifestation of it.
Watching a documentary just now - I came to a realization of what it is I want to do.

He plumbed the depths and came back to himself. I know how that feels. Im taking a trip in a month, looking forward to it, taking the pictures.

I think Ive been thinking too small in my aims. Yes, I know small steps are necessary, but this time I want to move forward to bigger and better, mindful of hubris, but no going backwards.

When I get back, I have definite short and long-term goals.

I need to write 'em down.

The train is pulling out, and this time I dont give a damn who comes with me.


yam said...

whoa, a change to joe's itinerant site! so, what's her name? ;-)

Sherry said...


Joe said...

Thank ye (and no Brian, there is no one forcing change..)

Anonymous said...