Monday, July 09, 2007

Flight Path

Flight Path, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

On my flight into San Diego, I noticed the pilot had descended to landing height, but we were still going at a high speed before we landed. Odd, I thought. Most airports Ive landed in, its usually a slow glide and flare well before reaching the airport.

Because the San Diego airport is well within the city limits, you can see and hear the planes coming in - and almost always, flying in low and fast and taking off at full power.

Peculiarity of the airport? Could be. But Im thinking it's likely security measures.

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mcclint said...

I think it's probably just because when you're coming in for a landing at San Diego you are actually below the rooftops of some of the taller buildings in downtown. I remember flying in and looking UP to see the top of the NBC building (I think). When you're that unnaturally close to buildings in a fast moving plane, it seems much faster than you're really going.