Friday, July 20, 2007

Ive been primarily on the Mac for the past few months - but frankly , its been frustrating with my photography.

So, the Mac "died" the other day (during Mercury retrograde, natch) and I had to pick up a cheap desktop to keep going until I fixed it.

My productivity, ironically, went through the roof.

mcclint: as far as your productivity on a mac.... you do have to admit that's party cuz you were using 4 and 5 year old hardware
mcclint: that TiBook will only run so fast :-)
JPennant: You know, its not even that
JPennant: A lot of the Mac tools are derivatives of popular software, just varying in function
JPennant: so like Im looking for asset management software
JPennant: basically, my only choices are highend software or image viewers using iPhoto and Quicktime as backend engines
JPennant: and very few of them can keep up with what Im trying to do
mcclint: Extensis Portfolio
JPennant: even Portfolio is slightly behind the times
JPennant: iView also
JPennant: ACDSee and Picasa can run rings around all of them.
JPennant: ACDSee for the Mac hasnt been updated in 5 years
JPennant: Google doesnt want to deal with the iPhoto/Quicktime hemegony in making Picasa for the Mac
JPennant: I can even do limited photo management within Windows
JPennant: so, until I can run Parallels - OSX is slowing me down.
JPennant: heh, ironically - the main attraction of OSX are the geeky aspects of it
JPennant: but since I got this little desktop, Ive been able to browse through hundreds of thousands of images
JPennant: A Major Project on the mac
mcclint: you gotta stop trying to drive a nail with a toilet plunger :-)
JPennant: heheh. How right you are.

I think in using the Mac, Ive fallen prey to the Mac snobbery. I do like the status of pulling one out in public and the form factor makes it easy to carry around.
But frankly, it is cramping my style.


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