Saturday, September 15, 2007

Midday dream

found myself wandering a neighborhood, going in and out of houses, with no idea why I was walking in and out of these people's houses.

I had a box in my hand, but nothing made sense, and I was making a mess of everything as I stumbled around.

Until, I came across a electrical panel. I then had an epiphany. I opened up the panel AND the little box in my hand and looked for matching connectors. Sure enough, with a little digging, I found the right connectors to both. When I made the connection - everything literally hummed and came to life.

Heh, I was a goddamned meter reader. :)

But as I walked out of the house - I was being congratulated left and right by strangers for making the right connection. How did they know? Who knows, but there was approval all round.

So to recap, I was walking around with the tools I needed, making a mess of everything until I made the connection I meant to do, and then my purpose became clear?

Sounds like life.

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