Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Money Talk

mcclint: i still dont know how you do it in SF though
JPennant: I only need about 600 bux a month
mcclint: do you cook for yourself or is it a lot of ramen and restaurants?
JPennant: eat out. I have no kitchen and my fridge doesnt work
mcclint: damn
JPennant: yup
mcclint: and you can do that and pay rent with 600/mo?
mcclint: shit
JPennant: Ive learned how to live light over the years
JPennant: shopping is not part of my routine
JPennant: and my restaurant tab rarely exceeds 10 bux, even with tip.
JPennant: for 10 bux, Im at the all you can eat buffet :-)
mcclint: heheheh
mcclint: 2 meals a day x $10x30days
JPennant: no, 1 meal a day at an average of 6 bux
mcclint: ah ok
JPennant: I spend far more when Im working
mcclint: i'm usually a 2 meal guy but i can get by on 1
JPennant: its all about my sugar level
JPennant: so, a coffee and a roll dampens my appetite
JPennant: and the dinner keeps me going through to the next day usually
JPennant: I also try not to keep cash on me
JPennant: and use my debit card as much as I can
JPennant: even for 3 dollar purchases
mcclint: you havent had any problems with using the debit card all the time?
JPennant: nah, just with places that dont accept it
mcclint: after Deb's mishap, she's terrified to use her debit card ANYWHERE now
JPennant: there's always that danger
JPennant: but I keep an eye on my account, Visa and and my bank are VERY good and proactive with tracking fraud
mcclint: that's why i try to be primarily a cash man
mcclint: cash is accepted everywhere except car rentals and the Apple store
JPennant: well, with cash I find it goes like water with me
JPennant: with cash, I dont keep track of every penny
JPennant: with the debit card, i think before I swipe
mcclint: hehe

JPennant: Actually, Im thinking that its time to change my minimal lifestyle
JPennant: get a proper place
mcclint: yeah if you're gonna be courting a lady, that might be a good idea :-)
JPennant: yup
JPennant: Plus Im 43 with definite ambitions
mcclint: there you go
JPennant: but that doesnt mean Im gonna go spending a whole bunch of money :-)
mcclint: of course
JPennant: I wanna be like Daniel Handler :-)
mcclint: hoo?
JPennant: the real name of Lemony Snicket
JPennant: he wrote a chapter in that book Im reading "Money Changes Everything"
JPennant: he is very rich now
JPennant: wasnt always so
JPennant: (I got the book for free, natch ;-)
mcclint: ah
JPennant: i want security, but never lose my awareness about money
JPennant: that was hard earned :-)
JPennant: by the way, my rent is $*** a month - I said I can survive on 600 a month
mcclint: golly
JPennant: even with eating out
mcclint: i know your secret!
mcclint: you have a Sugardaddy!
mcclint: :-)
JPennant: bus pass :-)
JPennant: my secret is - I dont have a car
JPennant: or a girlfriend
mcclint: hahah that too

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