Monday, December 31, 2007

Next year's outlook....

Take your work ethic into the New Year. You stay until the job is done — it's a matter of pride, and it's a matter of dignity. That said, if there's one thing to leave in the past, it's your tendency to settle for too low a wage.

Take your instinct about what is truly valuable with you into the New Year. And what you can leave back in 2007 is your fear that you are unworthy of it. Repeat: "I am worthy of the things I desire."

I can honestly say, next year feels like a breakthrough year.

Focus, discipline and high standards are the watchwords for the New Year.

Yeah, I have resolutions for the New Year, but theyre more goals than resolutions. Resolutions are wishes and intentions, goals are benchmarks.

It's looking good.

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