Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another long strange trip

With each retelling the trip becomes more and more legendary, even as all I remember are the mundane parts of it.G etting on the bus in the Florida sunshine, my brand new Fuji 4900z along to remember the journey, a copy of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and a bottle of Pepsi to set me off. A hat in Washington. A 4 story high stork in North Dakota. Sunflowers in Montana. A town named Weed. An angel painted on a wall. A coffee kiosk set by a giant red barn. An argument over the computer in Seattle. A grove of giant trees. I remember everything and nothing.

It was propelled by a strong restlessness. In absolute terms, Ive not gone very far, just across the country. It took me all of seven days and has lasted nearly 7 years. The ride felt longer and the time feels shorter.

I do remember being consumed as to making sure I took my stuff with me, my friend lily shipping the rest of my crap across country (I still owe her for shipping it) and afterward, with a sense of wonder realising I needed none of my stuff.

Funny. Now Im going only a few hundred miles but it feels like a few thousand. Again, Im consumed by worry about how Im gonna carry all my stuff. My books, my clothes, etc. In truth, all I need are a basic change of clothes, my papers, my notebook and my camera. The rest can be replaced.

That is so hard to remember.

Im watching the movie "Almost Famous". Ive had the DVD for a few years now, never watched it. Now, it feels like the right time to watch it. Its a story of a life-changing trip. As was "American Gods", now that I think of it.

Aright then, time to take it off pause.

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