Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kit bag

I had supposed to do this last summer. So much so, that people who havent seen me in awhile had assumed I had already cleared town. Well, now - barring any more delays, Im soon outta here.

So, stuff. Gotta shed things, connections and .. stuff. . Better to shed everything, lightens the load. Books and DVD's. Why am I keeping books? I rarely reread anything and they are HEAVY. Computer equipment? Nice to have around, but - eh. One thing Im totally resisting is selling my cameras, even though I only use one.

The only thing I need are my images, those are irreplaceable. If I could put everything one drive...

I learned when I left the East Coast that what you think you should keep are essentially a burden. What it is do you really need? Important papers, memories and a change of clothes. All that can fit into a bag you can carry everywhere.



Poo said...

You gonna lug around all those cameras, Dawg?
Remember your papers got stolen?
Hate to have that happen to your cameras.

Joe said...

I havent quite decided what Im going to do with them. I almost never use them anymore, but its nice to feel I have a backup camera just in case.

mr said...

where you headed, joe-joe?

Joe said...

Down south. When depends on the cash.

mr said...

it's your year. the cash will appear.