Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today was not such a bad day

Well, today:

- It warmed up in LA, may even break out the shorts and flip flops SAFELY tomorrow.

- I FINALLY got Bank of America to reverse $310 in overdraft charges and put my account back into a positive balance, although I have to call the Customer Solutions center again tomorrow to make sure there werent any other surprise charges - there was going to be another tonight I got them to admit - while taking FULL names and speaking calmly. I got tired of *@^#^@& bank employees scolding me. Tomorrow, HSBC, and when I get work - WaMU, maybe.

- Moved into another place. The people there dont seem psychotic and the place doesnt act like old times in the Pen. It feels better.

- Finally figured out that my old wireless card was causing the laptop to freeze. It may have fried itself when the laptop overheated and shut down. I gotta keep the olde machine limping until I can replace it.

So, today, my to do list is done, although Im still scared of trying to get a cup of coffee and provoking even more negative charges. *sigh*


Love, Poo. said...

Dawg Hunny, you know that you can buy a Starbuck's card and have people buy you a coffee online, don't you?
Just display it on your site, and the link will let your readers fuel your walkabout.

mr said...

good idea. just do it, joe.