Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If you instantly recognised this car, you are over 35.

Bonus age points if you know what model of Ford this is. Bonus TeenBeat points if you also said "David Soul was DREAMY".

Seen in Downtown LA.


foolmaker said...

is that a grand torino?

Joe said...

*gets all uppity and fanboyish*

Thats GRAN Torino. :P

Heh, being a Starsky & Hutch fan as a pre-teen, I wanted this car so badly. And yes, it would have to have the stripe.

Now, it just looks - dorky. :)

foolmaker said...

Gran Torino! :p

and I'm definitely not over 35! LOL :D

it does look dorky... hey but we're true dorks at heart LOL