Friday, June 13, 2008

Recent twitter posts

- Lauren was right. LA is a good place to be a photographer.

- Today, I took off the Big Shorty lens and shot with the old reliable 50mm. In SF, this lens is too tight, in LA I have room to shoot.

- Sweet. Registered for free starbux wifi. Now, to keep my laptop werking.

- I lose my sense of presence when Im with a pretty woman. Like in a state of suspended time and space. I need to stop that.

- Urg. Laptop froze as Im making photo selects. I can only work for an hour or so. Hopefully replacing the CPU will fix it.

- Infatuation. Will it pass or will it last?

- Laptop being flaky + needless busy work + photo shoots = No time to post pics on Flickr.

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