Monday, June 02, 2008

Twittered thoughts

Selected random twittered thoughts...

  • Love the funky fashions the young (and young at heart) wear here in LA's Little Tokyo Public Library.
  • Overhead: "Los Angeles. Where else can you go to the beach and then go skiing that evening?" (Vancouver, apparently.)
  • The sun was so bright yesterday, I got a migraine and vibrating spots before my eyes. I need sunglasses, but I dont wear contacts.
  • To go along with the migraine yesterday, I got a touch of food poisoning. AGAIN. Twice in 3 days. Lord.
  • I should really shoot B&W more. In fact, I may just leave it in B&W for a day. Lets see if Im strong enough. Yeah, a day in B&W.
I'd do more from other days, but the Twitter service is notoriously fragile and theyve lost all the previous twitter posts.. but I like it


witchypoo said...

Sorry to be picky, but you need to squish your Starbux numbers together for the copy and paste. It was heck getting it to reload. I hope the nickname you used was Joe Pennant.Let me know when your bank isn't hurting you, and I will send paypal.(I got my first BlogHer deposit in my paypal)

Joe said...

Done. I'll have to crawl through the Starbux site to see if it took. Thanks hon.

cindy said...

woohoo! =D

i'm a total starbucks convert. i should include them in the acknowledgments of my book--wrote so much of my rough draft there. ha!

Joe said...

It took, thank you Ms Witchy!! :)

Cyn, now that you understand, are ya gonna help in the cause? ;)

cindy said...

well, that was a hell of a hassle. and no confirm from starbucks it took, either! it better have. it wouldn't let me add sooner than for tomorrow, friday???

cindy said...

it said it worked. yay! =D

Joe said...

Yes it did. :)

Thank you Ms Grace and Ms Cyn. You guys are the best.