Monday, August 11, 2008

Fuji s6 Pro : I am so happy!

Fuji s6 Pro : I am so happy!, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

A taiwanese marketing pamphlet for the new, not yet announced FULL FRAME s6 Pro based on the D700.

Oh my oh my. :)

Now I can get a used D2x and save my pennies for this.


Anonymous said...

If the price is ok it's a nice replacement for my D200.
Then i can use my beautiful FF primes 100%.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but the other sites has already said that this online fryer is just a nice joke, kinda thing... not from the dealer..

anyway.. we all hope that Fuji will give us a full frame digital SLR next...

I am a proud S5 Pro owner myself :) but if there is anything missing, it would be the full frame.. :)

nut if you can't wait.. S5 Pro is at a very nice price point now :) so check it out. Fuji don't push a new model every year.. so..