Thursday, August 28, 2008

If August 29th is your birthday

Happy birthday, Sistah Cyn.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (August 29). You're so used to working hard for what you want that this year throws you for a loop — success comes effortlessly. You're pulled into the romance of a relationship in September, seeing the world differently because of it.


Yeah, I get all hermitic on my birthday, I just disappear. Now that I think about it, my pops would do that on his too.

IF AUG. 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You're an interesting combination of imaginative, creative enthusiasm coupled with a disciplined, careful structural approach to life. You can fly, but you do all your homework ahead of time. You love to get completely and fully involved with a project. This year, you're strongly involved with partners and close friends. Something could necessitate a major decision next year.

Ironically, John McCain is also an August 29'er.

The more often you demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability the more likely others will hand you the reins of power in the year ahead. You have that magic spark that draws others to you like moths to a flame so if you are looking for love Mr. or Ms. Right may appear now or between November and February. Since you will be hobnobbing with important people they may spur you to greater success and set a fire under your deepest ambitions. January is the best month in which to launch crucial plans or meet influential people.


thought. Alaska's Governor, now GOP VP candidate is also 44 years old.

Happy Birthday: A change in vocation may seem appropriate but make sure you are making an upward, not a lateral move. A lesson learned in the past will help you out this year. Rely on your memory, experience and people you can trust. Prove your ability to use what you've acquired along the way and you will sway others to take a chance on you now.


As well as being intellectual, you have a good sense of intuition, which can be heightened. You're a good communicator, which leads you to help people in all walks of life. This year, however, you will be less inclined to be agreeable, choosing to let your personal views be known in the hope they will be somehow helpful. It is a year of getting to know yourself on a deeper level and following your own personal dreams.


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