Monday, August 18, 2008

Not that I dont have anything to say

I have quite a bit percolating. I just cant write on a machine that crashes when used for longer than an hour.

That said, I think I am changing dramatically, my viewpoints, ethics and drive.

This, I would write down and share (heh, right) but see machine issues above.

I've been in LA for over 4 months now, and on the outside - it may look like nothing is going on, as Ive not secured any work as yet, but even though Im stone broke (what else is new), the possibilities are looking good. Glimpses make me realize it is bigger than I can imagine, so I must keep the faith, focus and keep going.

Thanks to all who have been providing support. I dont thank you guys enough.

Random twitterings recently...

I think LA is re-engineering me.

Since Ive come to LA, Im pondering - is monogamy over-rated?

Only in Pacific Heights did I see as many of the Beautiful People, as Im seeing here at the Beverly Hills starbux.

From a native : "LA makes perfect sense through a marijuana haze." :)

Applied for a tech job with ABC/Disney.

Woman talking real loud "I'll GIVE you the money back!" on cell @ Santa Monica & LaBrea Starbux, West Hollywood.

And the woman cuts off the phone, she goes "They have more money than god, why do they even care??" Um, no one likes being ripped off?

As an IT guy in this town, a familiarity with media is expected. And a drivers license. Definitely a different headspace here.

Either Im real unsteady or I just felt a series of tremors here at the Wilshire & La Cienaga starbux in Beverly Hills.

Hey, Tim the Photographer is in LA. Will be good to see him. I like when longtime friends make the effort to visit where Im hiding.

now studying books on models, portraiture and posing. Got a stack from the library, but a ton more are checked out.

Now paying attention to every building shudder and sway in LA. Which happens at least twice a day in LA. Active fault zone indeed.

Someone was "In a bind" and wanted me to give him some ... wait for it.. clean urine for a job drug test.

Thats just the past few days. Lots to really write about.


yam said...

We're just waiting for you to burst out on some great venture (not ADventure.. you've had plenty of those) ... just a matter of time. ;-)

Joe said...

Im starting to think you're a little bit psychic.