Sunday, September 21, 2008

THAT'S what has been holding me back??

Me: Thats the kind of mindset and fear I want to walk past. Shyness is one thing, but its fear thats holding me back on all levels.
Which is ironic, because I'll stand up to almost anything.

LilBro: Yeh its fear that's holding us all back. U do stand up to anything. U even had me scared twice. I'd still knock u out though. :-)


The epiphanies have been coming coming fast and furious.

This coming to LA has helped me with no end of insights and enlightenment. Among them has been the realization of why I havent been progressing with my dreams and plans.


And not just the usual "Fear of Success" dealie, but the kind of self-talk that has held me back from realization, wealth and joy. FUCK!

I am truly pissed about it.

LA, and I will give it credit, has been mind expanding. Not without difficulty and and drama, but I'll give credit to the unreality that is SoCal. :) It has given me the space to open my mind and figure out what is going on.

I get it now. No Fear, No Excuses.


cindy said...


go for your dreams!
life is waaaaaaaay too short.

gg said...

to be honest, i am kinda surprised that you are taking to l.a. so well. i didn't think it would be your kind of town. i guess "town" is an understatement! :p but given your aspirations and your dreams, i suppose you are in just the right place! good luck with everything. once you let go of your fear, i'm sure the results will be amazing. :)