Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It was when I rolled into Las Vegas that it struck me - It all felt very familiar.

Not in the sense of just having seen pictures of Las Vegas before (pictures never give a true sense of what a place is like anyway). No, like Ive lived here a long time, as familiar as Chicago or New York feels to me.

I have NEVER been to Vegas before, let me emphasize.

If that wasnt weird enough, the other night I was talking to a couple while riding one of Las Vegas's double decker buses, then it dawned on me, the conversation I was having, the surroundings felt awfully familar, like a movie Id seen before.

Then it happened.

A young woman came on the bus with a stroller. As I watched she came over and put the baby carrier next to me, and I saw the towel covering the baby. I recognized the colors and pattern of the towel.

This towel had a picture SpongeBob Squarepants, but I recognized the writing - "Bob Esponja Pantalones". And thats when I realized I was havign a deja vu moment. A weird one.

I couldnt make this up.

Does this mean I will be in Vegas for awhile?

Let use see.


witchypoo said...

My two cents on deja vu? You dreamed it, and the dream is registering with the physical reality.

Joe said...

Yep. Exactly. But seriously, this is ALL very familiar, like I already know the place.