Monday, November 17, 2008

Living Las Vegas

Since Ive arrived in Las Vegas, Ive learned a few things....

Vegas Sunset- Las Vegas is a beautiful place.

Sitting in a spacious valley surrounded by colorful, age old rocks and clear skies, it is an amazingly beautiful place. The sunsets and sunrises can be spectacular.

- Las Vegas is weirdly normal.

Yes, it is Sin City and there are slot and video poker machines in every supermarket and 7-11 but it doesnt feel like the 24 hour freak show that LA or San Francisco can be.

- Las Vegas is part of the Southern California metroplex.

The California border is only a few miles west of Las Vegas, Vegas being at the foothills of the Sierra mountains. It is only a few hours to LA or San Diego and not that much farther from San Francisco.

- I could live here

Living expenses arent outrageous, fees are cheaper than california, there are hourly flights to literally EVERYWHERE in the US and for the first time in probably ever - Id buy a house here, violating my philosohy that owning a house is a serious liability. It is a short driving and flying distance to LA and SF, with direct flights to New York, so it is within range for business and pleasure. The people are congenial, the casinos feed you cheaper than you buying your food and the weather is desert, but bearable.

I never felt at ease in California. Here, I dont mind.

My plans are only to be here through the Winter, but...

Hey, Im surprised too.


yam said...

But just wait until the temps are 110 degrees on a daily basis, come early spring thru summer. then you might have different thoughts.

Joe said...

Totally possible. Although thatz not much different than the weather in the vally, is it?

yam said...

Way hotter in Vegas. It's the desert, ya know. :-)