Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For an epiphany to resonate, it has to touch upon what is true and be congruent to you..

The epiphany I had today fitted into the slot waiting for it, felt right and was congruent. Ive always thought that to find the answer that you already know, you have to search for the right question.

Still that epiphany has opened up a hornets nest of hard work to an avenue I hadnt really considered. How is that business organized, what skills do I need to acquire. Exactly what path do I take. Will it take away from or be congruent with what Im already doing. How willing am I to do the work that this entails.

Still, it is exciting, even though it is prpbably something I wouldnt have considered before, it feels right.

However, I still feel there are other answers awaiting the right questions in the near future.

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