Thursday, January 15, 2009

Years ago, I went to lunch in midtown with a friend, and he asked "why do you take so many pictures?". Instead of answering I said "Watch this", raised the camera over my head, took two pictures in opposite directions and showed him those pictures. To this day, I will never forget as he exclaimed "Oh! It looks like the movies!".
Recently, I got my camera back from repair. It had stopped working properly after it hit the desert floor. Although I was anxious to have it back, the month without the camera made me realize I had become dissatisfied with the pictures I had taken over the past year, ijn particular when I stayed in Los Angeles.

While the camera was gone, I missed a one in a lifetime event - it snowed heavily in Las Vegas. I borrowed a camera and got shots of this, but I was pining for the possibilities lost. Still, Im not so sure I wouldve made the most of the camera. So, I promised myself when I got the camera back, I would endeavor to make better crafted images and do it and myself justice.

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