Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starches for the last

Starches for the last, originally uploaded by Itinerant.

My buffet strategy to get the best value for all you can eat goes like this:

- Hydrate a lot the day before to counteract the salt in the meal.

- Protein, protein protein. Avoid the starch to start as breads and rice fill you up quicker.

- Take sips of water just to cleanse the palate, as too much liquids will just fill and bloat you up.

- You do want the starch, but leave it at the end. You wont be too full to enjoy it and you want to the starch to avoid the post buffet starch craving.

- Leave room for dessert.

Oh yeah, and take your time. Why rush down your food, let it settle. Bring a book or magazine. :)


witchypoo said...

I call it "eating the money"
I first eat the expensive part of the meal, anything else, only if I have room. I fill up quickly.

Joe Pennant said...

They WANT you to fill up quickly - hence the abundance of breads, rice and liquids. Rookies pile their plates early with the good stuff and try to stuff themselves as fast as they can.

Heh, I got tired of doing buffets and feeling like I didnt get my money's worth, now I stay full for days after - which is the point. :)