Monday, September 28, 2009

Esse, please.

Esse, please., originally uploaded by Itinerant.

This "Half Pound Burrito" where Evander Holyfield can only eat one.. yeah right.

Unlike a burger, the half pound refers to the entire burrito, not the amount of meat in it, which is borderline miniscule.

Accurate, yes. Misleading, yes. I get sucked in by Taco Bell's ads every time, and every time I walk away disappointed.


Trixie Fontaine said...

I'm slowly losing my allegiance to Taco Bell since they've changed their chicken taco recipes so drastically & gotten rid of spicy chicken tacos & burritos. Now it's practically impossible to get a chicken taco there without some weird unspecified dairy-filled sauce AND WITH tomatoes. Instead it's this dry tomatoeless thing. So very sad.

Chicken tacos at taco del mar, on the other hand, continue to be outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Taco bell fooled me once, and thats the only chance they got!
I dont do Taco bell..
Big sis