Saturday, November 28, 2009

Writer's gotta write

The other night I dreamt one of my usual dreams, a story. Abstract, but with characters, a plot, protagonist, antagonist, a beginning, middle and end.

Oh, yeah - it had talking dogs in a rock band with the hero triumphant playing deathmetal. (Think "Bolt" with Goth characters and roadies.)

Anyway, I told a co-worker and he asked "Do you usually dream this way?". I do, when I sleep deeply, my dreams tend to be structured storylines, not random abstracts, totally unrelated to my life.

"So why dont you write them down?" I shrugged and mumbled something about not really caring. It's not that I dont care, Im just too lazy and too busy to want to write them down. And the reason I dream that way is because I actually THINK in narratives.

My writing has suffered over the years as I now mostly write on twitter and facebook and IMs, in short bursts that actually destroy a narrative. Therefore, Ive taken a hiatus from writing like that (its hard) and try to start writing again. Every day.

It's the doing that make dreams come true.

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