Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things I Didnt Realize till I got to Vegas

- It is cold here.

Yes, it is part of the Mojave desert and 2 inches of rain is a FLOOD. Yes, it can get to 120 degrees in the summer. But it snows in the mountains around the valley, winter doesnt end in February and although it may get mild during the day, you bring a jacket for the nights.

I hate cold. Seriously thinking of living in South Florida during the winter.

-- Las Vegas is not South.

Las Vegas is north of Los Angeles. It is north of Arizona. New Mexico. Utah is a next door state, not north. No wonder it gets cold.

- Most Las Vegas isnt in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is south of the actual City of Las Vegas. Most of what people think of Las Vegas is in the unincorporated City of Paradise, NV in Clark County.

But the zip codes say Las Vegas.

-- Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.

It is actually illegal in Clark County. In other counties, not so much - hence the legal brothels.

So, why all the prostitution ads in Vegas?

Its complicated.

-- Everybody plays Vegas.

Think of every star, comedian and musician youve forgotten or wondered what happened to them - chances are theyre playing gigs in Vegas for rent money.

And I do mean everybody.

-- Its a pretty cool place to be

Never in my life did I think I would park in Vegas. But I like it.

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