Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Out with friend RisaDay off. No plans except to read a sunday LA Times and eat a leisurely breakfast. Then..

risa: joe???
JPennant: heya risa
risa: hey!!
risa: guess where i am!
JPennant: at the airport? :-)
risa: nope, in sf!
JPennant: i was about to step out to the pork store
risa: r u getting breakfast?
JPennant: yup. muy hungry
JPennant: day off
risa: can i meet you there???
JPennant: absolutely
risa: lovely
risa: see you there.
JPennant: :-)

And it was lovely.

The weather broke, the sky cleared, it warmed. Even did a little shopping. Nice when friends come in from out of town and visit.
Gemini's know the right thing to say ...

"Sometimes I show my friends your web site and tell them 'This is my friend Joe - the photographer'."

Dont think that didnt chuff my ego? :)

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