Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Dana Owens - Simply beautiful
Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely
Goapele - First love
Teena Marie - Ooh La La La
Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y
Gaopele - Closer

Today's horroscope:

You've been looking around your place lately and wondering if it's really where you want to be -- and how you want it to look. If you're not sure, you have options.
You can seek out a realtor, start flipping through the newspaper to find something that's a bit more suited to your tastes, or, on the less radical side, set yourself a budget, grab some color pallets, hit the flea markets and antique marts and create a new home -- right where you are now.
Take your time deciding, though.

Growing older, I find Im getting comfy with things that would bother, disturb, disgust and even frighten me.

Change, fer instance.

This afternoon, i found myself wandering the tony Pacific Heights shopping district and going into places i would never normally go.

Furniture and design stores. Expensive ones.

Not sure why. I told msyelf I wanted some ideas, but then i realized what I was doing.

Im implementing changes. Drastic ones.

Mercury retrograde is in effect, and Ive found that its a perfect time to shift gears and make changes.

In truth, i started making these changes last year, but I didnt appreciate that the changes were a lot deeper than they appeared.

Now, I want to totally redo my living spaces to reflect much more than my practical ethos.

I want MY style.
One of the good things of getting older, is that you know yourself, and you get to the point where you want your external matches your inner.

Still, I dont think I realized that at some point - you have to throw out a lot, get rid of .. stuff, to accomodate the style you want.

The style that fits.

JPennant: Changes are afoot.
JPennant: feels good.
misterB: new shoes? ;-)
JPennant: more than that
JPennant: gonna redo my place. totally. throw out everything not fitting the style and function.
JPennant: MY style and function
misterB: hmm, got a new lady in your life?
JPennant: i knew youd ask that. :-)
JPennant: No.
misterB: kekeke, just checking
JPennant: No, this is me
JPennant: of course, im not gonna spend high end money to do it
JPennant: style doesnt have to be expensive
JPennant: in fact, it shouldnt be
JPennant: im even thinking of doing that magazine
JPennant: a magazine for young straight men ,written with the sensibilities of gay men.
JPennant: No, its not GQ :-)
misterB: hehe

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