Thursday, March 09, 2006

This weeks horrorscope:
Virgo, sometimes you've got to take a stand for what you believe in. Sometimes you've got to throw up some boundaries and communicate your needs. But before you get medieval on your obstacles this week, we beg you to get in touch with your emotions. Your needs stem from your feelings; don't leave them out.

Feelings? What are those?


I was just talking to a family member going through some trials and tribs.

He has a long laundry list of woes. Making the mortgage payment, behind on utilities, woman troubles, almost losing his job, facing fairly serious legal beefs.
Troubles mostly of his own makings.

He's quite depressed.

My instinct, of course - is to scoff at his problems as he's only 30. In the great scheme of things, his problems are serious but far from terminal. It's simple. He's single - get out of the house note, dont take on any other loans, assure the people he owes money that he will pay them back and not bullshit them, deal with the legal beefs, forget the woman and move on.

JPennant: Im talking to ******
JPennant: he is depressed.
JPennant: broke, overextended, behind on bills, facing homelessness
G: the usual
JPennant: he thinks it is the end of the world
G: hahahaha...he'll live...but he'll fare better if he made some personal changes
JPennant:: he doesnt know that yet
JPennant: Im trying to refrain from telling him what to do
G: he will when he can't take being in the situation anymore
G: gotta hit bottom before you can crawl to the top
JPennant: yup

Mostly tho, I kept my mouth shut.

Instead, I told him I loved him, was proud of him for stepping up when needed and was deeply appreciative for standing by me when I was going through hard times in Jersey.

Nah, I couldnt help myself. I gave him advice. I had to. I love him.

Still, my experiences with myself and others is that most folk facing bottom are in denial and dont know that quick action will stop the pain and minimize the necessary bleeding.

But, its never that simple.

Man, what will it be like if and when I have kids ...

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