Saturday, March 25, 2006

tV maKes you StUPID

It was
the high volume of the informercial that woke me up made me do something I almost never do. Turn off the TV.

I almost never turn off the TV, even when i leave the house. Hey, I dont pay for the electricity and I got the TV for free off craigslist.

I plopped back in bed, and had a dream I almost never have anymore. A nice dream thats a built-in novel. Not as smoothly constructed as they used to be, but definitely an improvement.

After that deep sleep, I awoke to the realization: TV has been making me stupid.

Lately, Ive been finding myself trying to remember words, losing my train of thought in a conversation very easily, my attention span miniscule.
I'd thought it was a consequence of being 40 and not eating salad.

But no.. its been the constant bombardment of TV. It has damaged my brain. My lord.

No wonder I dont write anymore, or answer emails.

During the day, I turned the TV on to catch the Duetsche and BBC channels. I ended up watching Kim Possible. I laughed and turned it off, sat down to enjoy my newfound clarity of mind and purpose .. and nothing.

I was stupid again, feeling as if i was in a torpor. (God, words like torpor Id forgotten.)

Then I realized i needed a nap to reset my mind. And a few hours later, it did.

So, am I going to give up teevee? No.

But, it'll be off when its time to go to sleep.

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